I'm roughly 40% sure I've used this little title before...but it kinda describes life in general right now.

But then...doesn't that just describe life in general every day when you think of it? :)


This weekend, I attempted technolocide by dropping the electronic love of my life (aka the Droid) into some water. Ergo, I spent the whole weekend sans phone. It was weird. We're all so used to being wired in at all times - at least, I know I am - that I felt a little lost without my favorite gadget. I missed a lot. Phone calls, texts. I forgot that I don't need my phone to check my email. I missed that everyone's "favorite" social networking site underwent (in my humble opinion) a dramatic and quite useless overhaul.

Where were we going with this? Ah. Changes. All these things kept happening while I wasn't paying attention. That's just sort of the gyst of it, isn't it? Life keeps living on ahead, and I'm happy to report that I'm moving with it.

I was also sick this weekend. Ergo, there wasn't a whole lot of eating well or working out to be done. I did manage couple of walks with the Aussie though, which was nice. It was a sort of reminder that I can still take the time to take care of myself and my health even when I'm not up to 11. That's a change. A nice shift in thinking. Realizing that I've got to keep on moving or the pace picks up and leaves me.

One of the stipulations of our healthcare plan at work is that we fill our a health risk assessment yearly. I completed mine right before I was ill. I know the insurance company does it because healthier policy holders = less dinero spent by them in the long run, but our company has a damn good "get healthy" program. I took some time today to go through their plan objectives, and I really like a lot of their suggestions. So, I'm kinda getting on board with the thing, and using it as another tool for my weight loss efforts. That's a HUGE change. A monumental shift in thinking. In general, I feel like our government is too meddlesome - that things like this are the insurance company's way of figuring out his to screw us down the line (we can talk conspiracy theories off-line if you wish. Ha). But this? For some reason, I've taken a swig of the Kool Aid. And I don't think it's so bad. Maybe I'm growing up in my thinking. Maybe I'm just desperate. :) Either way, I'll let you know what changes I make.

I don't know if calling this post one about changes is right in the end. Maybe I could call it "r-r-r-random musings (strung together by a semi-connected thought or two)?" :)

Keep on moving.


Just so you know...

I had my three servings of F&V (all V, I'm sad to report...), was mindful of what I ate (I SO would have rather had the new burger from Wendy's, but knew I would kick myself later and had a damn salad instead), and bought and drank milk!!

That's pretty much all of today's goals (worked out yesterday, so I'm resting it today). Woot! Go team.

Also, I wore a cute little skirt, tights, and boots today. The skirt was too small when I bought it a couple of years ago. It's still just a little bit more snug than I like, but I'll take it! Sadly, I stripped it off and climbed into jammies (then back into jeans when I remembered my favorite in-laws were coming over later) the second I got home, so there aren't any pics of me being stinkin' adorable. Perhaps tomorrow, if I feel like playing dress-up again?

That's all. Hope your days were successful!!


Day 1

All-in-all, day 1 today went over pretty well.  I adjusted my calories on myfitnesspal.com, so they're quite a bit lower.  I think I lost about 200 of them.  200 that I really wanted to eat.  And kinda did.  Anyway.  Every once and a while, when you enter in a weight and there's a loss (read:  every 10lbs), the system reconfigs itself.  I've *kinda* not changed my calories for a while (read:  at least 10lbs), so the 200 was a bit of a shock to me.  I'm just going to have to work through it.

Today was okay in terms of the little goals I set for myself yesterday.  As a refresher:

1) I will work out at least three times this week.
2) I will not eat without thought.
3) I will eat at least 5 fruits/veggies a day.
4) I will buy and consume milk, dammit.

I worked out.  I ate with thought.  And then I kinda stopped.  I did not meet the F&V goal, and I didn't buy milk.  Nor did I drink it.  Dammit.

SO, to remedy the situation.  Tomorrow:

1) I will keep a much closer watch on those calories.  Breakfast will be small, lunch will be filled with veggies.
2) I will buy milk, dammit!
3) I'll at least do some working out with the workout bands that I have.  Just a little something.

I'm also going to try to get back into the habit of writing more than every couple of weeks.  I've been bad with that.  Sorry.  To my zero readers out there.  :)  Back in the day, I was doing weekly gratitude posts.  I'd like to get that started again, but maybe just do a monthly summary.  I've been thinking about that this week.  How it was really nice to kind of lay out the good things in life, instead of thinking about the negative ones.  The whole gratitude post was really helpful in keeping things in perspective.  So, I'm going to start it up again, but in smaller portions (get the dieting joke?!  bam!  That's how we do.)

Anywho.  Stay tuned for amazing and interesting stories.  *Perhaps* I'll even get started on those weekly pics I promised and stuff.

For now, here's one of my mangy, allergy-balded dog Cosmo having a nap with me Sunday.  Yeah, I did nothing.  And it was kinda awesome.  (In case you wondered, I paid for it today with the 30 Day Shred Jillian DVD...more tomorrow)

See?  He's RIDICULOUSLY adorbs.  And he's all mine.  Oh, and Mr. pv's.


Oy vey.

Alright. I've fallen off the wagon.

According to the doctor (appointment was Tuesday - more later for interested parties...Mom/Tess), my weight has not changed. I have not gained back any of the 40 or so pounds I've lost.

According to my pants and my eyes, however, there's definitely been some not-losing going on.

The reasons are quite clear. Too much not planning and being careful and not enough working out. Sure, the belt that I bought a year ago (or thereabouts) shows about 2-3 inches gone (lots more holes punched!), but it's not enough. It's not what I want to see.

So this week, instead of just whining about not being on top of my game, I'm going to go ahead and make some little pledges.

1) I will work out at least three times this week.
2) I will not eat without thought.
3) I will eat at least 5 fruits/veggies a day.
4) I will buy and consume milk, dammit.

I know that these pledges are small, and in a couple of cases like the F&V pledge, they miss the recommended mark. But let's be honest here. If I aim too high right now, I'll never make it. So I'm starting small so I can work my way up.

Because I'm determined NOT to suck it up this week.

Hope you join me!


Wait, WHAT???

Where did that come from???

Outta nowhere, my belly has decided to return. Ermmm...probably NOT outta nowhere, but still!

It's kind of a punch in the face of a reminder of the importance of paying attention and not slacking off.

You see, I've been slipping. It all started a few weeks ago, when puppy first started to be hit hard with his allergies. First it was "we can't walk him - look at his feet! Poor dog. We'd better sit with him and shower him with love." Then, it turned into "weeeelllll...maybe I'll just have a little more mashed potatoes. It's fine. I'll work out tomorrow." NOW, it's full-on "sure, I'll eat the whole damn King Sized Reese's pumpkin." Meh.

I gotta snap out if this slacker thing. I'm NOT going to slip back. I'm NOT happy being fat. I'm not going to waste all the effort I've put into losing weight.

Ergo, I need to get it together. Anyone want to shower me with encouragement?? Because I seriously need it right now...

What I plan to do to get it together: utilize my new obsession, Pinterest, and start doing some of the exercises I've pinned. I'll start back in with planning my meals. Lots if F&V = full me. (MAN. Sorry that rhymed...) Pay closer attention to what I'm eating and how it makes me feel.

I'll look at my little pinned exercises and pick one to do in the next couple of days (I'm still getting the million invites done for my sister-in-law's baby shower, so my time is kinda consumed right now...) and give a little report on it. The kidlets of MN are back in school...I might as well join them in the hard work!

Let me know what YOU'RE planning on doing to get back in the groove. Or, if you're already in the groove (as opposed to the rut...), let me know how you're staying there!!


A quick little thought.

Saw this quote on the tumblr site "Healthy is always better."

You'll have to excuse my lack of techie ability to do something awesome like a screen grab or whatever, and take it just as I saw it on Pinterest.  Whatevs.

Here's the quote:

"Even though the number on the scale doesn't show progress, the fact that you haven't given up is progress in itself."

I like this little note.  It's true, you know?  I might not be seeing what I want on that ahole scale, but because I haven't stopped thinking that I CAN do this, I'm still making progress.  I'm not giving up.  I'm still eating better.  I'm still working out (albeit sporadically...).

I'm not giving up.  So, I'm still winning.  Go, team.  :)


it's beginning to feel a lot like fall!

It's getting colder.  We haven't had the A/C on in two days (that's huge 'round our house - my hubby is an A/C junkie!).  I wore leggings, my over-the-knee boots, and a tunic sweater to Michaels today.  My garden (minus the crazy basil!) has pretty much decided to pack it in, production-wise.  I've been dreaming of chowders and stews and thick soups.

That's right kids.  Fall is on its way here.  It IS September, after all.

Normally, I ADORE the cooler weather.  Now, however...now that I'm trying to lose weight and am struggling already...I'm somewhat panicking.  I'm not ready to be trapped in the house for 6 months.  I'm not ready to rely solely on DVDs for my exercise.  Most of all, I'm not ready to face the reality that I MUST purchase a bridesmaid dress for sister's wedding.  I'm not ready to face the music, weight loss-wise.  I'm just not prepared for that crap.

Deep breath.  Winter isn't here yet.  We're not locked in the white tundra yet.  I've still got some time.  I just need to get myself in gear and remember that I can't give up just because cheddar chowder is more comforting than chicken noodle soup.  Just because it takes a Herculean effort just to get out of bed.  Just because jammies feel better than yoga pants.  Just kidding.  Everyone knows yoga pants are the shit.  Point being - I've got to get myself into the mindset that winter is approaching, and I will NOT put any of this weight back on.  Despite the fact that Reese's pumpkins are now back on the shelves.

Now, for some other news that's mostly unrelated to this post!  I GOT PROMOTED ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You're now reading the amazing works of an actual Project Manager.  Be gone, Associate title!!!  :D
Oooo - and in related news - they're currently working on the expansion of the fitness area in our location.  It should be done in about a month, I believe.  Why this is good great news is that the fitness classes are now going to be held in a private area.  Also known as NOT in the cafeteria.  Also known as I'M GOING TO START TAKING THEM!!!  For $2 a class, it's really a deal that can't be beat.  I've been dying to take them, but absolutely refused to take the classes when they were held in the second-floor cafeteria.  No privacy, knowing that you're contributing to the jiggling of the building with every move you make?  NO thanks!  Now, they're going to have a specific area for the classes.  They'll have one more participant, that's for sure!!  I can't wait.  Hopefully, they continue to keep the kettlebell classes they've been offering.  I'd be bummed to miss out on that one!