Just so you know...

I had my three servings of F&V (all V, I'm sad to report...), was mindful of what I ate (I SO would have rather had the new burger from Wendy's, but knew I would kick myself later and had a damn salad instead), and bought and drank milk!!

That's pretty much all of today's goals (worked out yesterday, so I'm resting it today). Woot! Go team.

Also, I wore a cute little skirt, tights, and boots today. The skirt was too small when I bought it a couple of years ago. It's still just a little bit more snug than I like, but I'll take it! Sadly, I stripped it off and climbed into jammies (then back into jeans when I remembered my favorite in-laws were coming over later) the second I got home, so there aren't any pics of me being stinkin' adorable. Perhaps tomorrow, if I feel like playing dress-up again?

That's all. Hope your days were successful!!

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