I'm roughly 40% sure I've used this little title before...but it kinda describes life in general right now.

But then...doesn't that just describe life in general every day when you think of it? :)


This weekend, I attempted technolocide by dropping the electronic love of my life (aka the Droid) into some water. Ergo, I spent the whole weekend sans phone. It was weird. We're all so used to being wired in at all times - at least, I know I am - that I felt a little lost without my favorite gadget. I missed a lot. Phone calls, texts. I forgot that I don't need my phone to check my email. I missed that everyone's "favorite" social networking site underwent (in my humble opinion) a dramatic and quite useless overhaul.

Where were we going with this? Ah. Changes. All these things kept happening while I wasn't paying attention. That's just sort of the gyst of it, isn't it? Life keeps living on ahead, and I'm happy to report that I'm moving with it.

I was also sick this weekend. Ergo, there wasn't a whole lot of eating well or working out to be done. I did manage couple of walks with the Aussie though, which was nice. It was a sort of reminder that I can still take the time to take care of myself and my health even when I'm not up to 11. That's a change. A nice shift in thinking. Realizing that I've got to keep on moving or the pace picks up and leaves me.

One of the stipulations of our healthcare plan at work is that we fill our a health risk assessment yearly. I completed mine right before I was ill. I know the insurance company does it because healthier policy holders = less dinero spent by them in the long run, but our company has a damn good "get healthy" program. I took some time today to go through their plan objectives, and I really like a lot of their suggestions. So, I'm kinda getting on board with the thing, and using it as another tool for my weight loss efforts. That's a HUGE change. A monumental shift in thinking. In general, I feel like our government is too meddlesome - that things like this are the insurance company's way of figuring out his to screw us down the line (we can talk conspiracy theories off-line if you wish. Ha). But this? For some reason, I've taken a swig of the Kool Aid. And I don't think it's so bad. Maybe I'm growing up in my thinking. Maybe I'm just desperate. :) Either way, I'll let you know what changes I make.

I don't know if calling this post one about changes is right in the end. Maybe I could call it "r-r-r-random musings (strung together by a semi-connected thought or two)?" :)

Keep on moving.

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