Man, I'm frustrated.

I just have been feeling like I'm going backwards lately. I've gained a couple of pounds back, and can't seem to shake any, despite four-times-per-week workouts and doing a decent job of eating well.

I don't really know when the backwards progression started either. Thanksgiving? Halloween? BEFORE???!? It's frustrating as hell to be trying as hard as I feel like I am, and not getting anywhere but the way I don't want to go.

I wonder if I'm being too forgiving with my portions? Or, if I'm having too much of an "I worked out, so I can pig out" attitude? Maybe it's that I haven't been really strict on making sure I get a ton of fruits and veggies?

All I know is that my little sister's wedding is FAST approaching and, at this rate, I'm still gonna look like total crap. And that pisses me off. Not in the "I'm mad so I'm going to work harder" way, either. More like in the "Eff it all" kind of way...

I need to get my groove back, Stella style.