Wait, WHAT???

Where did that come from???

Outta nowhere, my belly has decided to return. Ermmm...probably NOT outta nowhere, but still!

It's kind of a punch in the face of a reminder of the importance of paying attention and not slacking off.

You see, I've been slipping. It all started a few weeks ago, when puppy first started to be hit hard with his allergies. First it was "we can't walk him - look at his feet! Poor dog. We'd better sit with him and shower him with love." Then, it turned into "weeeelllll...maybe I'll just have a little more mashed potatoes. It's fine. I'll work out tomorrow." NOW, it's full-on "sure, I'll eat the whole damn King Sized Reese's pumpkin." Meh.

I gotta snap out if this slacker thing. I'm NOT going to slip back. I'm NOT happy being fat. I'm not going to waste all the effort I've put into losing weight.

Ergo, I need to get it together. Anyone want to shower me with encouragement?? Because I seriously need it right now...

What I plan to do to get it together: utilize my new obsession, Pinterest, and start doing some of the exercises I've pinned. I'll start back in with planning my meals. Lots if F&V = full me. (MAN. Sorry that rhymed...) Pay closer attention to what I'm eating and how it makes me feel.

I'll look at my little pinned exercises and pick one to do in the next couple of days (I'm still getting the million invites done for my sister-in-law's baby shower, so my time is kinda consumed right now...) and give a little report on it. The kidlets of MN are back in school...I might as well join them in the hard work!

Let me know what YOU'RE planning on doing to get back in the groove. Or, if you're already in the groove (as opposed to the rut...), let me know how you're staying there!!


  1. Onward and forward darling. You have done such a great job and need to pull it all back in. Take control and RULE your body!! You're working hard for that goal make those little changes again and you will get back over to the control side where you were making great strides. With your inspiration I have made many changes and love hearing the little changes you make and the great accomplishment you have created!! YOU ROCK - Now get back to rolling on baby! Take a walk for the puppy, he can't go and wants to badly so take a walk for him - it will make you both feel better. Pop some music into that ipod (assuming you use one) and rock your way down the street and inspire the neighborhood to health!! - Ellen your loyal cheering squad!

  2. Oh yea, forgot the groove I took. Thanks to your mom I found a new treat for me (and the boys both). We are enjoying plain yogurt with berries and some granola as a treat after or during dinner instead of ice cream or sweets. A nice change for the whole family. GO BEC!!! - Ellen

  3. Bex, you can do this. I have so much confidence in you and your ability to get back on the right track to your goal! If you need an extra boost give me a call and we'll go walking together over the phone.