it's beginning to feel a lot like fall!

It's getting colder.  We haven't had the A/C on in two days (that's huge 'round our house - my hubby is an A/C junkie!).  I wore leggings, my over-the-knee boots, and a tunic sweater to Michaels today.  My garden (minus the crazy basil!) has pretty much decided to pack it in, production-wise.  I've been dreaming of chowders and stews and thick soups.

That's right kids.  Fall is on its way here.  It IS September, after all.

Normally, I ADORE the cooler weather.  Now, however...now that I'm trying to lose weight and am struggling already...I'm somewhat panicking.  I'm not ready to be trapped in the house for 6 months.  I'm not ready to rely solely on DVDs for my exercise.  Most of all, I'm not ready to face the reality that I MUST purchase a bridesmaid dress for sister's wedding.  I'm not ready to face the music, weight loss-wise.  I'm just not prepared for that crap.

Deep breath.  Winter isn't here yet.  We're not locked in the white tundra yet.  I've still got some time.  I just need to get myself in gear and remember that I can't give up just because cheddar chowder is more comforting than chicken noodle soup.  Just because it takes a Herculean effort just to get out of bed.  Just because jammies feel better than yoga pants.  Just kidding.  Everyone knows yoga pants are the shit.  Point being - I've got to get myself into the mindset that winter is approaching, and I will NOT put any of this weight back on.  Despite the fact that Reese's pumpkins are now back on the shelves.

Now, for some other news that's mostly unrelated to this post!  I GOT PROMOTED ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You're now reading the amazing works of an actual Project Manager.  Be gone, Associate title!!!  :D
Oooo - and in related news - they're currently working on the expansion of the fitness area in our location.  It should be done in about a month, I believe.  Why this is good great news is that the fitness classes are now going to be held in a private area.  Also known as NOT in the cafeteria.  Also known as I'M GOING TO START TAKING THEM!!!  For $2 a class, it's really a deal that can't be beat.  I've been dying to take them, but absolutely refused to take the classes when they were held in the second-floor cafeteria.  No privacy, knowing that you're contributing to the jiggling of the building with every move you make?  NO thanks!  Now, they're going to have a specific area for the classes.  They'll have one more participant, that's for sure!!  I can't wait.  Hopefully, they continue to keep the kettlebell classes they've been offering.  I'd be bummed to miss out on that one!

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