My Fitness Pal! (finally...)

Okay, I promised a full post about Myfitnesspal.com.

So, without further ado, here it is!

Things I love about it.  Let me count the ways.
  1. That it's linked up to the app on my phone.  I know I mentioned that in my Grateful post of yore, but seriously.  It's awesome.  It keeps me from having any kind of excuse for not being fastidious about tracking everything I eat and all my activities.  And guess what?  It WORKS!
  2. I can find pretty much anything on the food list.  And if I can’t, I can add it myself!  Super convenient.  It’s nice for when you know the calories of something someone else entered (example:  my pulled pork sandwich from lunch) is incorrect.
  3. The ability to pop in my recipes and get the calories.  It’s fantastic for things like hotdishes.  Way better than doing it all in my head, anyway!  J  You just add in all the ingredients you used, and then add in the number of servings, and voila!  Calories out.
  4. There are chats and blogs and all kinds of different tools to help you connect with other people who are gettin’ their fit on too.  It’s kind of Facebook-y in that you have a news feed, and can add “friends” to your page.  You can also add one of those little ticker thingies that all the preggos use to show their baby’s progress.  Except, you know, for your weight loss.  You can even upload your own pics and such.
I know that there are more great things about the website than what I have above, but this is what I’ve got for right now.  Here are some screen shots!  Sorry that they're kinda fuzzy...

This would be a shot of what it looks like when you start entering your own recipe into the system.  To add more ingredients, you just click "add ingredient" and it takes you to a similar screen to the one right below.

This shot is what it looks like when you enter in a food to search for it.  You'll note the list for "hamburger" goes on and on!  Sometimes, more specific = better.

And last but not least, a shot of searching for an exercise.  The thing I like about it is that you can adjust the actual calories burned if it's not quite matching up with your numbers.  I've learned that I burn more calories (based on my chunk) than what they have listed - so I can just simply make the correction to the actual calories on the right, and when I add the exercise, the program saves it as I've entered it.  Sweet.

Sooooo...go out and make your own account (it's free, after all!) and we can be friends!  Rather than put my username out there for the world, ask if you want to hook up on the 'net, and we can find each other.

Pssst - if you want more information, just check out the site!  Screen shots grabbed from myfitnesspal.com.

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  1. Best site ever. It's also a good thing to use if you have tummy issues because you can write notes to yourself if something didn't end up doing good things to your system.