Whoopsie. Here's my gratitude!


I might have forgotten to be grateful yesterday.  My bad.  In my defense, I think I posted a couple of other posts.  Or was that Sunday??  I can’t remember all the time.  I’m fairly certain I’m sleep-deprived lately – I’ve been having really weird dreams that wake me up, and I have a hard time getting back to sleep.  Maybe I should pay attention to what I’m eating before bed on those nights!

At any rate.  Here’s the weekly List de Gratefulness.  It’s Spanglish.

·    My favorite little niecey Kendall.  Here’s a pic of her chubby little baby legs (side note:  how stinkin' cute are those leggings?!!?).  She was getting hosed off after decorating her pretty little head with frosting from her first birthday party.  Those legs are carrying her across rooms now, by the way.  *Sniffle*

·    SUNSHINE.  Man, does it feel good!  We’ve had a dreary week up here in the Northwoods, so it feels DANG nice to have some sunshine.  Even if serious wind comes with it.  I’ll take what I get.  Even the pets were basking in the glory.  I didn’t hear any noise for a couple of minutes this morning, so I peeked out into the living room to see who was dead – and all four of them were just hanging in the sun beams like real animals.  It was adorable.  And no.  I DIDN’T remember to take a pic.  Fool!

·    Just barely over four weeks until my bestie Jess is in the contiguous for good!  Or, at least, until she’s got her PhD all done.  Ha!  Only a 5-hour-ish drive from me.  WOO!  I think I’ve said it before, but that’s far better than two plane rides and a chicken bus!!

·    On that note, just over 6 weeks until my other girl Jenn is back!  She’s just around for six (??) weeks, then back to teaching in ‘Nam, but we’ve got a couple of weekends (and a WEEK!!!  SQUEAL!) planned out already.  She’d better bring me some sweet knock-offs.  I need an awesome summer purse, friend.  Think hobo.  Perhaps a long cross-body.  In a fun color or pattern.  GO.  I kid!  Sort of.

·    Exclamation points.  They’ve served me well in this post.  I should consider cutting down on the coffee.

·    President Obama.  I KNOW.  Politics.  Ish.  But, a job that was a long time coming was done.  I’d chant “USA! USA!” but I’m cautious at this point still.  Optimistically cautious, but I don’t want to start any snark offs on a topic that’s completely irrelevant to my blog.  J  So, zip your face if you’re going to get politically-charged.

·    Kohl’s.  They have some serious deals.  Got the super cute shirt I’m wearing today for $4.80.  Holla!  I love a good deal, baby.

That pretty much sums it up for me, folks.  Now, get out there and enjoy the day!


  1. I love that you find life positive and point out how it's all around us no matter where we look. But this one tops it! I laughed (and still am) as I read your point about the planes and "CHICKEN BUS" - I can only picture this in my mind but it will keep me smiling all day!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Only 5 more weeks now my friend! A knockoff purse, hmmm! Well you will have to give me a hint as to the brand because hunny we have them all!

  3. There's positives EVERYWHERE in life, my dear! It's just about finding them. If you focus on the great stuff instead of the "meh" stuff, it's all better - you kinda forget about the junk when you're busy thinking about the goods.

    And seriously. Chicken bus.

  4. No more chicken buses! And no more oceans to cross! HOLLAAAAAAA!

  5. Yay for cute nieces on the list! Let me know when you put up the pictures.

  6. Whoops. I'll get right on that, Tiff! Hmm. That's two "whoops" in this one post. That's no good. I *might* be losing that cute little mind of mine...!