A Letter to Me.

Dear me.

Hey.  How’s it going?  I love that scarf you’ve got on today.  Glad that you finally decided to join that trend.  Hope it doesn’t die out, now that you’ve joined in!

Now that the formalities are done, I’d like to talk to you about your attitude.  I would also like to talk to you about your clothes.

Let’s start with clothes, since they’re easier.  Honestly, you should consider getting new ones.  YES, you’ve gotten rid of all the stuff that you had that you never wore or that was too big or that you won’t ever wear once you’re able to squeeze into them again.  Brava.  HOWEVER, you need to reconsider a lot of the things you’re currently wearing.  Example:  the pants you wore to work yesterday.  If you need to pull them up every four steps, it’s probably time to get a new pair.  God didn’t give you an ass.  Just deal with the fact that your pants will probably forever be too small in the waist and baggy everywhere below.  If the pants are too baggy in the waist, let’s just think about how the “everywhere below” looks.  Not awesome, friend.  Not awesome at all.  Let's work on that, okay?  You need to accept that you’ll just have to use “poofy” shirts until you have no gut anymore.

Now, on to your attitude.  This one is a little trickier.  I know you realize that you need to be absolutely conscious of every item you put into your mouth.  But saying “meh” as often as you to needs to stop.  You can’t “meh” working out.  You can’t “meh” pizza for the second time this week.  You can’t “meh” Reese’s Eggs (damn you, eggs…).

You should applaud yourself for the strides you’re taking and have taken.

However, you shouldn’t use the happiness you’ve got now, and the success you’ve seen thus far to make an excuse to slack.  You need to use that as motivation to keep going strong.  You need to keep being proud of yourself, and keep moving forward.  You know darn well how long it’s taken to get you even this far.  One pants size isn’t enough.  One isn’t where you wanted to stop.  You want to be much smaller.  You want to keep going.  You need to take this opportunity to be totally pumped, and use your elation as motivation.  You always said that seeing actual results is what gets you going.  Well, here you go!  Here are your results.  Be proud of them, and keep going.  Do you note the theme?  KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK.  Let’s see more results, girl!

Heart you!
xoxo Moi

PS – go shopping tonight.  Get some new pants, chief.

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