More goals!

SO.  There comes a time in a weight loss journey when one must re-assess one's goals.  For me that time is now.  As I'm sure the title gave away.  Subtlety is not my forte.

The last time I wrote about my goals, I mentioned things like wanting to wear my favorite skirt again, and to be able to squeeze into a backseat full of other people without feeling like a tank.

While those are great goals, I think it's also important to think about other, more specific goals.  Like having a goal to post all of my food intake actually on the day that I eat it, rather than trying to think it all up a couple of days later.  You tend to forget things like Twizzlers on the way to the grocery store (DAMN!).  Here's an updated list of my little goals.

To be fit enough to snowboard again (original list re-visit)

To look at myself in pictures and not be disappointed (re-visit)

To make sure that I'm down my goal of 3500 - 7000 calories a week.  3500 calories = 1 lb of fat.  Gross.

To spend fewer than 2 hours a day sitting on my duffer after work.  I've got lists in the works of things I can do to keep myself occupied - ranging from dusting literally every surface in the house to yard work to meandering around Target (my wallet and my husband both say "NO" to that one.  Ha!).

To post on this little blog at least three times a week.  What's the point of even having the thing if I can't be consistent, right?  This applies to many different aspects of this whole weight loss thing, of course.  :)

To get to the point where I get through the whole evil Jillian DVD at the "beginner" level and get to the next level.  And then get to the more advanced levels.  And then start the second DVD...  Okay, gotta pump the breaks!  I want to be able to get through it more easily within the next two weeks.  I figure I can do the DVD at least 3 times a week (any more, and I think I might not get the benefit out of it as my muscles get used to it) for the next two weeks, and get to a point where I don't do it at the uber-beginner level anymore, and can do the exercises as-is.  I’ve already started doing some of the moves (like the rolling side planks – where you move from doing the plank on one side to switching to the other side at a Jillian Michaels pace) at higher than an “I’ve never worked out before” level, but there are some moves that I still need to get rocking.  I think I can do this within two weeks.

I’ve also considered doing something a little radical, and posting my intake and exercise information daily.  I think that’ll be really, really, REALLY boring though, so I hesitate.  Thoughts?


  1. i say write it down in a notebook for yourself, not post it...unless making it public would somehow be of benefit?

  2. The ONLY reason that I would think of putting it on here is an accountability issue. When I stopped sending my weekly food logs to Lynda (her services, while phenominal, aren't exactly in the 'ol budget outside of this thing at work) after the first class, I definitely wasn't careful with what I ate OR whether or not I was really accurate in writing them down. BUT, that was also before I was consistent with myfitnesspal.com (I swear, I'll write that post...). SO, maybe it's not beneficial to anyone. Even me! :)

  3. If it helps any I can send you alerts if you aren't consistent with MFP :)
    Good job with the planks! You can and will accomplish all your goals!