(to the tune of  "Ch-ch-ch-changes" natch)

Here are some things I'm grateful for this week!
  • Lynda from my gettin' skinny class.  I'm willing to admit that things were slipping.  I wasn't paying too close attention to making sure everything was tracked and logged.  But, now that I'm back on the wagon of having her check all my logs, I'm back on the wagon.  Oh, and I'm down 5 or 6 pounds already.  WHAT UP?!!!?
  • Ice cream makers.  Yeah, I know.  Not exactly on the 'ol "diet" plan, yeah?  True, but seriously.  I'd rather eat my homemade ice cream, full of all the things that I know are in it, than some random chemical/ingredient list.  PLUS, we can make low-fat frozen yogurt and get our fruit on.  Pretty dang excited about it, if I can be honest.  :)
  • My cat PePe.  LAME.  I get it.  But he's so stinkin' cute!  He's sleeping up against my leg right now, keeping me warm.  It's nice.  Plus, he makes life more interesting most days.  He's got an obsession with being outside.  He's even all about going outside when there's snow on the ground.  But not when he's been tossed in the bank (we call that "cat tossing").  He's a huge Tom, but he has the voice of a kitten.  Very expressive and vocal fella.  Gotta love him!
  • Amazon MP3.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I LOVE the App on my 'ol Droid.  They have a Free Song of the day, and it's totally expanding my musical pallet.  I like it.
  • Making plans!  I've made summer vacay plans already, and I'm so excited!!!  It involves two of my favorite girls, some sun, and PLENTY of beer.  :)  Lite, of course...ha.
  • Chobani yogurt.  I love that stuff.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about Greek yogurt, but it turns out that I LOVE it.  SO much more filling than your average, run-of-the-mill yogurt cup.  That baby and some great grains (see, Lynda!  I listen!!), and I'm in business all morning.  My favorite?  That would be the lemon.  YUM.  Makes me pucker and smile all at once!
  • Myfitnesspal.com!!!  I love that site.  Actually, I guess I should say I love the site and the app on my phone.  Since I eat a lot of the same foods, it's really convenient to just click the little button and add it to my little food diary.  It's so perfectly easy to take care of my tracking there.  Remember when I mentioned my new fave website?  Yeah, this is it.  Prepare yourself for a full on post about it later...
I think that I'll cut it off there...after all, I'm old and it's bed time!  :D
Heart you all!!

Psst - I feel as though I should mention that, for all the items that are on here there are no sponsors or perks or whatnot.  It's all just how I feel about the things I mention!

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  1. Do you have the ice cream attachment on your mixer? I think one of those babies will be going on the registry list...
    Also, does Chobani have HFCS in it? I'd be more willing to go Greek (toga included) but the kinds I've seen almost always have it in there. Boo.
    Whoever introduced you to MFP must be pretty cool.... :)