Weekly Gratitude

Here it is again this week, kids!  The Grateful List.
  • I’m grateful for this weekly gratitude posting.  I sort of feel like, without it, my blog would be a *smidge* neglected.  Time to get better at posting, I guess.  It’s hard when you don’t have a whole lot to post about though!
  • #2 this week is Easter Eggs from the Easter Bunny!!!!!!!!!
  • Next up, I’m grateful for being gainfully employed.  Not everyone out there can say that.  I’m learning to acclimate myself a little bit better to the current situation at hand in the US, and realize that no one is immune to the economy, despite all our thoughts and hopes to the opposite.  I’m very grateful to not only have the opportunity to be taking on new items and tasks at work, but to just simply have my job still.
  • I’m grateful that, despite a lot of dumb little issues, my pup is really pretty healthy.  This is not the case with my parents’ dog.  Cleo is not doing so great right now.  Knowing that makes me want to spend more time snuggling Cosmo, and less time doing a lot of other things.
  • Vacation time!!!!  It means that I get to spend a whole week hanging on the pontoon with two of my favorite girls in the world.  I’m so very excited to be doing that, as I love (and severely miss!) both the girls and the pontoon time.  I’d better be amazingly bronzed, come July.  Hmmm.  Maybe I should get started on my base tan NOW.  I’m pretty damn pasty.
  • Books.  I’ve been romanced by the Kindle, and I sort of feel like the pious-but-spunky lead female character in 99.9% of Harlequin Romances.  The ease and flashiness of E-readers is seductive like the flowing mane of hair and rules-be-damned attitude of the Harlequin tempter.  But then, I picked up a book from home that I had read a million times when I was younger, and I realized that paper books, like the pious-but-spunky lead’s close-but-distant admirer, really is the one for me.  They’re the Darcy to my Elizabeth.  The Darcy to my Bridget.  The Ben to my Jemima (name that [REALLY crappy] book for 1500 points!).  I won’t say that I absolutely won’t buy books on the app I have on my phone, but paper copies are my true love, and there won’t be an E-reader in our house for a while.
So, there you have it.  Just a couple of items on this one!


  1. Looking forward to July, myself!!!!!!! Baked Lays w/ top the tater??? ;)

  2. Ok, that didn't even sound good writing it....scratch the Baked Lays idea. We will just have to laugh the calories off that week...


    Come on now. I'm just trying to lose some weight, not take all the fun out of life! Also - here's a fun fact. TBSP for TBSP, Top the Tater is better for you than regular sour cream. Holla!