Butt still hurts.

BECAUSE I FOUGHT THE JILLIAN, AND WON.  Again.  For the second day in a row.  What uuuuuuup?!!?!  It was harder today.  As predicted.  But it was more worth it in the end, if that makes ANY sense, on any level.  I was dying.  Shaking and sweating.  It was lovely.

My arms are still remotely shaky, wrists aching.  Toes angry.  You need them to grip, and after a full day of tall heels, my big toes are sore and mad.  My glutes are screaming.  With joy.  Okay, not with joy so much as the tearing and rebuilding of the muscle tissue.  Semantics.

This whole working out thing is just really great.  I can feel my muscles getting bigger and stronger.  My quads are gynormous.  I kinda want to wear a lot of leggings and/or Spandex to show them off.  Because they look GOOD.  I think this is something that I can get used to, you know?  :)  I'm totally going to have to do more than just the Jillian DVD, though.  Because, seriously.  I'm not going to be able to keep this up much longer!  ha.  Plus, the muscles get tired or used to it, or whatever.  Yadda, yadda.

Point is, feel free to encourage me.

Seriously.  Now would be good.

While I'm still proud here!!!!

Also, in other non-traditional-exercise-related news, it's juuuust about time for the gardening to start up again.  I CAN'T WAIT!  I'm so very excited.  I almost have the entire thing mapped out.  I foresee some serious digging, planting, and harvesting in my future.  WOO!!!!!  (PS - Mom, if you read this, we need to chat about lawn and garden things.  Call me!)

Whoops.  One more.  Stay tuned to a plug (one that isn't paid for or provided by the company, BTW) for a new fave website.  And some stuff about tracking food and things.  Yay, previews!


  1. ENCOURAGEMENT! :) Way to go, this is great progress! You should wear some leggings (jeggings?)to show off your kick-ass quads. In your preview of this mysterious website you should also include your picture that you placed upon said site. :)

  2. Keep at it Bekah! Work the diet and don't let the disapointment of your stalled weight loss get you down. As a form of encouragement I can tell you that I too have been going through a period of stalled weight loss. Over three weeks ago I was very near one of my long term goals when the weight suddenly failed to come off, and in fact I gained a few pounds. After a couple of weeks I finally had to admit that my dedication to the diet and exercize had slipped a little. Although I spent the next week rededicating myself, I still had no downward movement on that darn scale. That is until three days ago. I've now dropped weight three days in a row and made that goal and more. I'm now UNDER 2 C'and my physician has eliminated one of my blood pressure meds, and may eliminate the colosteral med as well. Hang in there, keep working at it, and good results will come. Good luck and God bless.


    Also, go buy some leggings/jeggings!

    Also, I must say even thou Jillian scares the shit out of me, you have me intrigued about this Yoga Meltdown video!