My butt hurts.

Clearly the couple of pounds that made their way back onto my gut have had a baaaaad effect on me.  I did the Jillian DVD again tonight, and it was like the first time.  I was panting, sweaty, and all my muscles were shaking.  And that was just putting the damn thing in the slot!  ha!

Seriously though.  It was rough.  But it felt unbelievable.  Except for now.  My butt hurts.  I totally pulled that puppy.  To be honest, I actually think it happened when I was stretching.  I think I over-stretched.  I mean, who does that?!  THIS GUY, I guess.

I've hit a new feeling of desperation over this whole weight loss thing.  Summer's coming up.  I realize that I'm not going to magically become Gweneth Paltrow-fit before June, but I can TOTALLY be 15-20 pounds lighter through the end of June.  Absolutely easily.  I just feel kind of pressured to do better.  The time for beers and BBQ on the deck is coming up, and I want to be able to enjoy it carefully enough to still keep my goals going strong.  I need to learn how to keep those two things able to go hand-in-hand.  And feeling kind of frazzled.

Because I'm feeling a little stressed (add in that shift at work that I think I talked about before, and there's just another layer to deal with.  PS - I don't know if I posted anything about it.  I just spent five minutes looking for it; no dice...), that just kind of adds another somethin' somethin' to the whole equation.  I know that stress is a switch that can cause more weight gain/loss of loss.  Theories regarding how the body reacts to stress abound.  Here's an online article from Women's Health.  Here's one from WebMD.  And one from the Mayo Clinic.  So, I need to figure out what I can do to combat that.  I'm going to try a technique from a book I partially read once (The Gabriel Method, in case you were interested...) and talk myself into believing that I'm not a chunk.  Talk my body out of holding onto the excess weight that it thinks it needs to.  Talk myself into believing that I can do it at all.  I'm also going to maybe look into non-crazy-workout yoga as a bit of a mind relaxer to do the same as the talking-to-myself method.  :)

Um, I'm also going to stop eating crap.  Por exemplo, I'm going to pretend that Easter is NOT happening any time soon.  No Reese's PB eggs, no more Little Debbie snack cakes, no damn jelly beans.  No more junky pizza, no more burgers.  The Peavs have had salad with dinner every night since last Thursday or Friday.  I want to point out that it takes only about 2 weeks to make something a habit.  Let's say we started on Friday last week.  Only about 9 more days of keeping it up!

Anywho.  Back to the title.  It's a good hurt, so it's cool.  (Hey!  Only 13 more days to go to make daily working out a habit.  Ay yi yi...)

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  1. This sounds verrrry familiar! Just have Peavey massage your butt and take on Jillian again tomorrow. Went in and got my labs drawn today...will have ALL the results soon hopefully. Trying to destress in the moment by expelling a big breath and focus only on that so I don't immediately get pissy (my go to emotion). You can do this...even the little changes eventually make a big difference!