Starting back up again.


I'm kind of stoked.  The class I took this past winter at work has started up again!  Well, I should say that the first part of it has started up again.  It's a two-part class where the first focuses on learning how to eat better for the 12 weeks and the second part pretty much furthers those lessons for the 12 weeks.  They offered the first part last spring.  I rolled my eyes and opted not to take it.  Saw how coworkers S and A both got pretty healthy, was jealous.  I joined up during Part 2.  You could pretty much say that I did it backwards.  :)  Which is cool - I'm a fan of doing things backwards.  ha.

That it's started back up is a really good thing.  I really need a new kick in the pants.  Hello, plateau.  There's just something about having to send my weekly food lists and all that to Lynda that appeals to me.  It's like a double dose of accountability.  Not only am I writing it all down, but I'm also sending it to a nutritionist.  Talk about pressure, right?

I'm sort of wondering if I need some medical intervention too.  I mean, I'm wondering if there's something that I'm missing, in regards to why this weight isn't just coming off of me.  I've cut the calories, I'm doing some form of exercising pretty much every day of the week.  Yet, the weight isn't falling off.  It's just sort of taking its time come off.  I'm sure there's something I can do to kick it up another notch like Emeril (but without the garlic) without the whole medical angle.  But, I just can't seem to figure out what that something is.  Hence the medical question...

Anyway.  Stay tuned for more info on what's happening in the class, and stay tuned to see how it all works out!!

PS - dear sister gets married in almost exactly a year.  That puts me at a year to lose all the weight I want to lose to look decent in a bridesmaid dress.  Yikes.  Pressure x3.  Neat.


  1. Yay Lynda! Plateau will be out the door in no time! If insurance covers a quick visit to a doc why not talk to someone? They will be able to offer another angle and some suggestions. No matter what you'll look gorgeous in a bridesmaid dress so no worries there. Now you just have to pick the dress:) Oh and PS-it's actually 367 days until the wedding. Not that I'm counting:)

  2. How many days is it now??? :) Of COURSE I'll look great in the dress. I'll be all skinny. That'll be why it looks great!