Gratitude time again!

In the words of Pseudo Boricua - ack!

It's been a strange week or two since I last wrote.  Knee = hurt.  Working out = postponed till I'm better.  Eating well = out the door, 'cause I'm bummed about the stupid knee.  Then, on top of it all, the weather headed south and our fridge busted.

So, it's been a bummer 'round here lately.

BUT!  A person should still be grateful for the things she has, yeah?  So, I am.

I'm grateful that our fridge broke.  :)  I mean it!  We got to clean out the fridge and the freezer and get rid of all the stuff that's old or gross.  PLUS, I'll even get to physically clean out both sides while the unit is room-temp.  It'll be glorious.  Get ready for the bleach, F&F!  We pulled out the unit on Sunday night, and were able to clean the sides and top and behind and under...NASTY.  We hadn't cleaned it out once since we moved in (two-plus years ago...).  There were 16 fuzzy ball cat toys and 2 fuzzy toy mice under there.  PePe is the happiest cat EVER right now.

For owning an "adult" couch that came with pillows.  I've been using three of the MASSIVE pillows off of our couch to elevate my knee while I ice it.  It's been swell, thanks to how huge and puffy they are.  In that same vein, I'm grateful for my giant chairs.  The fit me, two cats, AND all the pillows for my knee.  They're beyond swell.

Again, along those same lines, I'm grateful for the ceramic cold pack we have.  I forget who makes it, but I can tell you that we're going to be getting another one soon.  I've got weak and creaky knees, and the doc I saw last week said it would be beneficial to ice them for a little while after particularly difficult workouts (Jillian Michaels DVD, I'm looking at you...).

For my Father-in-Law.  (or, "Other Father.")  He came over today (and will be back tomorrow) to help Hubs with some house stuff.  He's just dang knowledgeable, and I like that about him.  We are willing to try to do things on our own, but we don't always know how.  He's a good Miyagi.

My little sister.  I like that she'll have a drink with me at mid-day.  Virtual high-five, hommie.

Dyson.  Our carpet is gross (ah, the joys of owning a pre-owned home completed in a range of "builder's special" everything), but that Dyson works its little motorized butt off to pick up all the pet hair, dirt, and general ish from the carpet of nastiness.  Thanks, Dyson.

Emma's Express car wash.  I like that it's not touch-free!  Feels like my little Rogue is actually getting a good clean.  Good Lord, but the little things in life excite me.  Yikes.

Um, I think that's it for now.  A day late, and a couple of points short...


  1. Awww. Of course I'll have a drink with you at mid-day! (I mean, that's after noon. Totally acceptable.)Or really at any time or over the phone. I'm grateful that YOU will do the same seester:)