Talk about a buzz kill.

I walked the dog yesterday.  Today, I can hardly make it up the stairs.  Not sure what I did that blew it, but I'm annoyed now.  I was looking forward to rocking out to the Yoga Meltdown DVD again today.  (side note:  I can tell good things are happening - I want to do the workout now!!  As opposed to dragging my feet when it's time to do it)  Obviously that didn't happen.  We walked the dog again and it was okay, but my trip around Target an hour later was killer.  I was even limping.

I guess I'm just going to have to rely on good eating habits until I'm feeling good enough to work it out again.  :)  GREAT.  ha.

Oh, also, I bought the Wii "Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy" today.  It was on clearance for $15.  I've read the reviews online, and they're okay - mostly they point out that the camera doesn't always pick up all your moves properly, and that Jenny is a little too perky-slash-annoying.  With some 400 differnt moves/workouts, I'm thinking that it'll probably be at least a decent workout.  We'll see what happens once my knee doesn't feel like death and I'm able to give it a shot.

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