Just a quick note

On Tuesday, I wore the shirt that I wore to interview at my current job in 2007.  IT WAS BIG.  It was actually a small bit snug on me when I interviewed, so I'm totally over the moon.  I also realized that I've lost roughly 25lbs since December!  Yeah, I know that's not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but it's been coming off steadily and hasn't come back.  That's kind of awesome!  I'm not entirely certain what my weight was when I first started all this, but I definitely feel like the "since December" weight is what I've noticed most.  I love it.

Since we're chatting about clothes, I'm going to keep going.  For the first time in...HISTORY, I think! I wore a skirt to work.  Me.  A skirt.  This super cute red and white toile number I got for a whopping $6 at the same place where I got my love-of-my-life jeans.  And I got a ton of complements on it, so even thought it's kind of big (SCORE!!!), it's going to stay.  Since I only paid $6 for the thing, I'm pretty much okay with getting it tailored down the road a bit.

That's about it for now.  Spring planting and cleaning and sprucing has been taking up most of my evenings, so I've been lame about posting once again.  I'm hoping to get an update pic sometime - maybe in the world's greatest jeans?!  :)

Anyone else out there have any success stories??


  1. Whaaaaaaaaaa???? 25 lbs?!?!?!? Um, that is AWESOME!!!!

  2. also, i want to hit up this Clothes Mentor place, as i would LOVE to own a red and white striped skirt!!!!

  3. Duuuuuude! Nice! 25# is great! Hoooray! I also agree with Jess and want to hit up Clothes Mentor. That skirt is super adorable. You totally should post a pic of the jeans. Nowish. Kthanks.

  4. Bekah that is awesome, so so proud of you! You motivate me!!! Also tell me more about this clothes mentor place!

  5. Kids, we'll all go to the Clothes Mentor. PS - they have them all over the country, so you don't just have to come see me to go to one. Though, I naturally recommend that route. :)