What's that?

You think my ass looks slammin' in these new jeans?

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!

Seriously though.  Feel free to look again.  Do I need to strike a pose for you?  Oh, okay.  If you insist.

I've been needing to get some new jeans for a while now.  I've never been a jeans kind of girl.  I always wore khakis or (in my college years...) "lounge" pants.  For probably at least a good 7 years, I didn't even OWN a pair of jeans.  No joke.  I don't know why.  I had khakis in several different colors that I wore instead.  Or my superfavoriteI'mprobablygoingtodiewhenIgettooskinnyforthem Caffeine cargo sweats.  I think it was the fact that jeans usually = belt time.  Chubby girl = hell no, I'm not wearing a belt.  Draw more attention to THAT region?  Oh, I'm good.

In the last couple of years, I've expanded my pants selections.  Partly due to work (we have a casual Fridays-only environment), partly due to the fact that I've expanded so that my technicolor dream pants no longer fit.  Wearing dress pants M-Th really makes a girl reconsider the Friday attire.  So, I got jeans.  Just a couple of (ill-fitting) pairs.  Then I got a pair of trouser jeans that I love.  Then they got too big and I had the chubby girl rubby-inner-thighs blowout situation.  Talk about bummed.  I got a smaller pair, but lately those are looking a little worn and getting too loose (score!!).

SO, I made a run at a local "resale" shop called Clothes Mentor.  They have a pretty vast selection of clothing for smaller ladies.  They DO having clothing up to size 26, so it's not like they don't carry my size (no, I'm NOT telling you my size here).  It's just that their clothing selection goes down as the sizes go up.  It's certainly not the fault of the store, but of clothing designers (neither here nor there...perhaps we can get into this some other time...).  I usually have some moderate success when I go in there.  Reasonable prices keep me coming back, looking for that jackpot.

Lemme tell you, kids.  I HIT THE JACKPOT!!!
Going back to these jeans and how fabulous they look on me - they look great.  I'm seriously in love with them.  They're a darker (perhaps brown-washed?), lightweight denim that's been distressed.  Fitted through the leg with a slight bootcut at the bottom.  Here's the kicker though.  The legs AND waist fit me perfectly.  That's freaking unheard of!  Usually the waist is a size small in order to fit my legs or the legs are a size small to fit the waist.  Stupid apple shape.

When I got home, I was desperate to find out more about the jeans.  I need more pairs of these magic pants!  I Googled.  And found the brand online.  I paid $10 for them, which is a pretty good deal for jeans.  I was honestly thinking that they were going to be more expensive jeans (because Clothes Mentor is kinda brand-snobby.  Which I dig.).

The kicker:  The first place I noticed they were listed was SEARS.  FOR $11.64!!!!!  ha!  My gast had been flabbered.  How could this perfect, fabulous pair of jeans have come from a store known better as a hardware store than a department store?!  And how were they less than $12?!  ha.  I'm still cracking up over it.  Oh, in case you wondered, the next Google hit was at KMart.  KMART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At least I know where I can find more of these things.   :)

Oh, did I mention that they're a size smaller than what I "currently" wear?  WHAT UUUUUP?!  1 more step closer, kids.


  1. Wait, that's where they are from??? Score. Now you can go out and buy more pairs! And don't worry about your Caffeine pants, I'm sure we can get them tailored somewhere. :)

  2. I know, right??!!! Woot! Shoot, girl. Those pants are drawstring. They'll look like a parachute when I'm all hot and skinny, but I'll take it! :D