Another week, another crop of things I'm grateful for!

It was so lovely today that I don’t even want to write a post – I just wanna BASK.

But, since it’s Monday and all…
  • I’m grateful for my coffee-making hubby.  Dude makes me coffee every morning before work, while I get myself all kinds of pretty.  Or, at least it’s-7AM-and-I-have-to-go-to-work pretty.  Funny story:  a couple of weeks ago, I got to the bottom of my cup ‘o’ happiness, and got a mouthful of grounds.  I sent Mr. P an email, thanking him for making me coffee, and subsequently asking him if he could be so good as to leave the grounds out next time.  His response:  “Think of them as little bits of love I sprinkle in your coffee.”  Ha!  PS – I’m totally going to make some kind of art out of that…
  • I don’t know if you know this about me, but I can be a *smidge* pushy when I want something.  This particular time around, I wanted heirloom tomatoes.  So, I abandoned Mr. P to go home and mow the lawn and went to the great little nursery down the road.  AND GOT TWO DIFFERENT TYPES!!  Black and Striped German or something?  I don’t really remember the names off-hand, but I’m over the moon about having gotten them.  So what if we don’t get to eat out this week – I got my tomatoes!  Hmm.  Is this item being thankful for being pushy or for Mr. P putting up with me?  Or for my little nursery down the road for still having heirlooms?  I’ll go with numero tres.
  • Next up:  friends with connections.  Like my friend cablanch and her rain barrel connection.  That’s right folks – we’re rain barrel-having hippies!  Love it.  I’m really excited to gather it up from her and plant it in the backyard.  It’s kind of super bright blue, but a little spray paint will fix that right up.  I’ve been wanting one for a while now, and I’m really excited to finally get one!  Go, team eco!
  • Sprinklers.  They give me something to laugh (hysterically) at.  Dog thinks that they’re something to be murdered now.  When the heads pop up (we have an in-ground system), he wants nothing more than to eat them and the water than shoots out of them.  The garden hose too now.  Hopefully, I can catch a video of him doing it.  He seemed to know that we were trying, and stopped as soon as we hit the record button yesterday.  Sneaky devil.
  • I’m really grateful for people who understand where I’m coming from and can share my frustration.  I’ll not go into it more than that.  Sorry for the cryptics.  J
  • Extra’s newest Dessert Delights gum.  It’s Orange Crème Pop, and it’ll knock your socks off.  IT TASTES LIKE TANG!!!  It’s not like the mint chip ice cream one (where it actually tastes pretty much exactly like the dessert!), but it’s amazing.  If I could chew this gum for the rest of my life, I’d be friggin’ thrilled.  I hope you hear that, Extra gum folks.  Ha.
  • On that same note, electronic toothbrushes.  I love you, Oral B 5000.  Look ma!  No cavities!

That’s about it.  Hope you were able to enjoy the sun as I was not – stupid dentist appointment.

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