Grateful. Or, Lateful...

The grateful list!

I’m getting really bad at actually posting these on Mondays.  I was busy working out yesterday though, so I’m giving myself a pass on this one.  ha.

Things I’m grateful for:
  • IT’S 80 FRICKIN’ DEGREES OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!  The second this is posted, I’m going outside and frying in the sun.  Not exactly as weight-loss-inducing as, say, going for a run, but DANG if it isn’t something I’m looking forward to.
  • The proprietor of the blog “Bower Power.”  She’s got a new post about Pottery Barn’s design books.  Maybe I should put this into a category called “DANG YOU!”  I am in lust for these books.  So, if you feel like getting me a “hey, congrats on squeezing it into those smaller jeans” gift, feel free to get me one of these.  Any of them.  All of them.  There are a ton of them!  WANT.
  • NOT my cats.  Someone decided to dig in the garden seedlings yesterday.  Beans and baby lettuces EVERYWHERE.  Jackasses.  However, since this is a post about being grateful or whatever, I’m grateful for the water bottle.  Dig in that, turds.
  • My parents!!  Thanks for the lawnmower, kids.  Mr. Peavs loves it already.  I love it too, as I believe it will mean that we WON’T be the WT neighbors without the mowed lawn.  Ha.  In addition, a special shout-out to Daddy-o for A) packing it into his truck and B) letting us borrow said truck.  It came in handy with the gathering of the materials to finish making our bed and the materials to build the raised garden beds.  For those of you playing along at home, that’s two tasks closer to being able to fully check a couple of items off our lists.  WHAT UP!?
  • To a certain unnamed faster-food chain.  My lunch yesterday made me feel like ass.  It inspired me to workout harder (and with the window open for added sweat-inducing heat!) and to eat a much better dinner.  I’m not saying I’m going to use you as a catalyst for being healthy more often, I’m just saying it worked this one time.
  • The baby geese at work.  SO STINKIN’ CUTE!!!  They make me all kinds of happy.  I just wanna squeeze ‘em.  And kiss their little beaks.  I like little baby animals.
  • Sunroofs.  Sunrooves?  Either way, I love you.  You make the drive home so glorious.  Keeping you open keeps me from having to have an actual conversation with Hubs on the way home from work.  I KID!  Sort of.  Plus, I feel like I’m getting super cheap highlights when the sun hits the top of my head.  I love sun-warmed hair.
Ummm…that’s enough.  I wanna get out and bask in the glory of the sun…  :D  GET OUT THERE AND ENJOY IT YOURSELF!

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  1. Hey there, Bex! Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my little blog -- I hope you enjoy it. :) I la-la-love what you've got going on here ... You've got a fantastic sense of humor, and a super fun writing style. Looking forward to visiting again and following along on your journey!