Water Boy! Errr..Girl.

I'm a smidge proud of myself, kids.

The past two weeks, I have successfully taken down a full Nalgene of water at work.  Yes, it's not as if I've accomplished a great feat like learning to parasail or eating a whole Hot 'n' Ready pizza, but it's kind of awesome.  Water is a big part of getting healthy.  Word on the street is that the average person needs something in the nighborhood of 100 ounces a day from food and beverages.  That's nearly twice what everyone thinks they need to drink.  The 'ol 64 ounces seems to be a little more myth than everyone thought.

I'm doing what I can to try and get down as much as I can.  The whole salad-for-dinner thing is helping, but really the biggest thing that helps is drinking that dang water!  I'm also trying to get down another jug of water at home.  I'm avoiding the whole soda thing as much as I can (and have actually been pretty successful lately!!), and only have two couple of cups of coffee right away in the morning.  Caffeine is a water sucker, so I try to keep myself away from it if I can.

Anywho.  I just wanted to share that it's been two whole weeks of me kicking ass with my new water drinking kick.  I really hope to keep it up.  It wasn't listed as one of my new goals, but I really should have!

Anyone else accomplishing something lately?  Just wanna pat me on the back for mine?  Feel free, friends!  :)


  1. Yes - You deserve a pat on the back - It's VERY hard to give up soda and stick with just water. It gets very boring after a while. I do it and then fall back each time. Guess I should work at it again - if you can do it so can I! WAY TO GO BEX!!!

  2. Consider your back patted! Auntie E-my trick for chugging down more water at work: Crystal Light or Walgreens sells little Hawaiian Punch sugar free water flavor. It does have 5 calories and dang is it good.