Holy. S.

So, I'm not big on giving too many specifics about myself, since this is a totally open blog.  I'm not thrilled about the idea of giving too much away.  You know, things like where I live, names, etc.  I'm not to that point of bloggy openness yet.  :)

Also included in this little list are little personal items like weight, measurements, etc.  Part of it is that I don't like to make myself too transparent (I'm a woman of mystery.  ha!).  Part of it is probably that I just don't want to deal with saying a lot of things out loud in type.

One of those little items is my actual clothing size.  I'm about to break the rules and just put a little more than I want to out there, but I'm just really excited about it.  It sort of feels worth it to say write it.  Without further ado, the reason I'm writing.

It's been a while since I've been able to walk into your average Old Navy and just buy a pair of pants off the rack.  Too small.  By more than just a little.  Ish.  I don't even like saying it.  Writing it, whatever.  I've been able to wear shirts from most "regular" stores, but not pants.  No way.  AND, I suppose I should point out that shirts haven't exactly been "lose" or "well-fitting" either.  But today, not only did I buy a swim suit (that doesn't fit right - my lovely lady lumps do NOT look awesome in that bad boy.  BUMMER) and a cute linen shirt, but I bought a pair of jeans.  They're just a small bit too tight for my comfort, but DANG if I didn't buy 'em.  A regular pair of jeans.  NOT a plus sized pair of jeans.  Off. The. Rack!

This is awesome.  I'm far more pumped about being able to buy a $22 pair of jeans than anyone should ever be, but whatever.  I'm so much more motivated to keep this thing going than I was before.  I mean, this is HUGE!  I'm so much closer to my goal than I really realized, and that's really exciting.  Without even really noticing it, I've lost enough weight to be only a few pants sizes closer to where I want to be.  I just can't wait till I'm able to say that I'm even closer in a few weeks.  By the time sister T gets married next year, I'm going to be thin enough to actually look DECENT in a bridesmaid dress!!

I still haven't gotten around to taking a good follow-up picture of myself to show how things are looking since the pic of me in October in Europe.  I'm working on it.  :)

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  1. Bek! I'm so fricken proud of you!! Although I will miss the leopard swimsuit. Hooray!