Challenge accepted.

My workplace has put out a new program. A "Biggest Loser" of sorts. Obviously not called that because who wants to bother with copyright issues, amiright?

Anyway. Top prize to the person (individual) who loses the biggest %? $500. Five hundred clams.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, workplace. Challenge accepted.

I'm gonna rock this thing.

The only thing I moderately worry about is my milk production. The last time I tried to lose weight, it tanked. I mean, BAD. Like, still haven't recovered two months later. But the fact of the matter is that Lil is already getting 1/2 formula at daycare because I can't produce enough. So, if we're reduced to morning/evening and comfort nursing, I guess that's what's going to happen. Ironic that, in order to give her a more positive and healthy parental role model, I'm risking losing what's probably kept her this healthy - breast milk. It's a bummer, but I want her to look at her mom and see a healthy woman and get healthy eating habits from us.

I also can't wait to force Mr. P to participate. Ha.

There are so many things coming up that I need to get in shape for too - another trip to Europe this fall, 1-year pics with Lil, having another baby sometime before I get too old...

I mean, I'm 31. Time's a runnin' out to get in shape while I'm still young enough to enjoy it.

So, cheer me on, kids! That $500 would come in damn handy in Europe. :)

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