I think I promised to give more frequent update photos about a million years ago.  Well, today I'm following through.

A couple of things to note:
1) Sorry for the creeper photo.  I was trying to show dear seester how adorable I was that day.
2) Sorry for the FUZZY creeper photo.  I had totally been busted two seconds before shooting it. ha.
3) Yeah, I took it on my phone.  In the mirror.  In the bathroom.  Like a 14-year-old.  Meh.

So, there's our progress.  From this:

(In Wurzburg, GE - same trip from my original "before" pic)

Um, I just realized how slimmed down I am from then.  Wow...


  1. Wow and WAY TO GO! You look awesome and you are awesome. You push yourself and inspire me and can see the proof of how great you have done! I'm very proud of you and thank you for the inspiration to get me up on my lazy days! - Ellen

  2. Yay Bek!!!!! Also, your description of the first pic made me giggle.

  3. Still in love with that sweater for the record, fuzzy pic or no. Was that Germany pic the one taken by that nice fellow way up at that fort/castle thing? So proud of you Bekah!!!

  4. Thanks loves!!

    You know you loved the creeper pic. ha. And yes, Tess - that was the one taken by that nice fellow at the fort/castle. Love it.

  5. umm super slimmed down, homeslice! HOLLA!!!! :) :) :)