Kettle bells was awesome tonight!

Why the post title then? Because it kicked my butt! :) In a seriously good way though. I'm still tired, 45 minutes later. We did a ton of work with two (15lb!!!) bells tonight. It was a lot of work, but it really felt great.

I told Jody about how I've dropped about 40 since this time last year, and she was so stoked for me. That was great - how supportive she's been during these classes. I told her how it's hard for me to pace myself because I'm competitive with this sort of stuff ("Oh yeah?? You're doing dead lifts that fast??! Well, so am I!"). She reminded me again that I need to keep my own pace while trying to keep up to hers. As long as I keep my heartrate where it needs to be, keep my form correct, and finish the sets, I'm doing well. It really is great to have her on my side. :)

So, while I may be pooped (almost puked twice on the drive home!), I'm happy pooped. In a good way.

Anybody doing anything new and great with your workouts?? Share up!


  1. No puking!! But hooray for being so awesome!!

  2. Share up - You keep me motivated to get up and on the tredmill - even attempted a few minutes of RUNNING! YIKES! (Thanks!) :) Ellen