Me vs. the flab.

Round two. FIGHT!!!

Sadly enough, the "fight" is more like me fighting to keep going. Holy s, but I'm tired and sore.

Yesterday's kettle bell class whooped my ass big time. 'Member last time, when I was all "it was hard, but not too bad at all"? Yeah. How optimistic and DUMB I was. Last night was just brutal. Squats, wall sits, walking figure 8s, and burpees. BURPEES. Oh, the humanity. I had even convinced coworker S that it was awesome and she would love it. Still sorry, girl... :)

It was tough. Really tough. I think part of my downfall was that I tried to be more accurately-times with Jody. That was dumb. She weighs, like, an eighth what I do, teaches a few classes EVERY day, and has been doing it for years.

I'm just SO impatient with this whole process. I'm frustrated that I'm nit in better shape and in a better weight class yet. I can't stop thinking ahead of myself. It's nice when life occasionally hands you exactly what you need. Today, it was in the form of something someone pinned on Pinterest. It read (roughly), "you didn't gain it all in one day; you can't expect to lose it all that way." So right you are, random Pinterest pin. I need to do a better job of just patting myself on my back and not obsessing over how I haven't dropped it all already.

So, here's a pat on my back. Not only did I complete that class, but I somehow managed to convince myself to take the yoga class today. GO TEAM!!!

Done anything awesome yourself lately? Do tell! PS -eleventy points if you can tell me which video game I referenced!

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