Lame.  Today was "super calorie" day.

As part of this whole process, I'm trying to be honest - mostly with myself, but since there's a person or two reading this occasionally too, I guess I'm being honest with you too!  :)

Today, we had some fast food for lunch.  It was friggin' delicious.  It was the new Wendy's burger - the Dave's Hot 'n' Juicy.  Hella good, in case you wondered.  They made a whole bunch of changes - from the bun to the meat to the onions and pickles.  In my (admittedly pretty novice now...) opinion, it's the best fast food burger out there.  They're really great.

But professing my love of that little patty of heaven isn't what this is about.  Sorry Wendy's, but this is about the caloric impact of your little burger of awesomeness.  I knew it wasn't going to be the best choice I made all day, but I wanted to give it a go.  At the time, I was thinking it would be okay.  That I could just have the burger (hold the mayo!) and it wouldn't be so bad.  And really, it wouldn't have - had I also had a salad with it.  NATURALLY, I did not.  According to Wendy's nutritional site, the burger I had (minus the mayo, remember!), was 530 calories.  Yikes.  Again, a 30-calorie salad would have helped with the situation.

Now, here's an honest assessment.  No matter how much I loved the burger, it didn't so much love me back later.  I spent the whole afternoon feeling all bloaty and generally yuck.  *sigh*  I think it's a combo of the whole fast food greasy burger thingy and the fact that I didn't have anything green that didn't sit so well with me.  Smarter eating habits, girl!

The lesson learned?  Maybe stick to eating the things you know aren't going to eat you back.

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