Okay, that's weird.

I thought I'd just share real quick that I was leaning against the couch.  IT HURT.  Couch + less flab = hard and pokey!

Not that I'm complaining!!  I'm just sayin'.  It's kinda swell that there's a pokey couch to remind me that the 45 minutes of torture I'm inflecting upon myself is sooooo worth it.  :)  Tonight's kettle bell class was way better than last week's.  Still tough, but really great.  There was planking, side planking, planking while my partner did swings...it was really great.  I liked it a lot.  I'm ridiculously tired right now though.  I'm kinda hoping I can make it to 8:00.  ha.  Seriously though.  It was an amazing workout, and I'm really tired.  It felt good that Jody (Jodi??) only had to correct my form once.  She was giving me some mad props on my swings and that was sweet.  And totally well-deserved, if I can take a sec and pat myself on the back.

Anyway.  I'll try to write a more well-thought-out-post one of these days...

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  1. You GO Girl. Thanks for the inspiration to get off my butt and do some time on the tred mill!