Baby steps...

No, Mom, that's not what we'll all be hearing in a few months here. :)

That IS, however, what I keep reminding myself it takes to get back on track. I know it's been pretty much forever since I got back from vacay, but I'm STILL not exactly back on track. It's really driving me bonkers.

I haven't been fastidious with tracking or planning or really anything. I'm really only just sliding by right now.

Today was a nice little step in the right direction though. Pre vacation-of-health-death, I was taking down at least a Nalgene of water a day. I haven't done that once since being back. UNTIL TODAY! I had that sucker gone before 2:00 today. I know, not that big a deal.

Except that I really think my water consumption is a big part of my earlier success. Not only do I stay hydrated and flush the toxins out of my system (about 30 times a day, it seems!!), it helps keep me from mindlessly eating or WANTING TO mindlessly eat. When my belly's all full of sloshy slosh water, I'm not even able to think about eating. Kind of like how eating so much food that you want to vom (obviously not the recommended way to eat, for the record...) prevents you from wanting to shovel in more grub, having a belly full of water keeps me from thinking of eating.

So, while it doesn't necessarily sound like a big deal, it's a big enough one for me - one that helps me feel like I'm back in control and ready to get this ball rolling again.

I'm ready to get back on the skinny train for reals, friends.


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