So, that's a sign, eh?

Today, I got both my fitness and Eating Well magazines in the mail.

Ummmm...yep.  You're right, universe.  I should definitely get my shizz in gear.

Ergo, I'm back here doing some writing.  I know it's been about a million years since I wrote last.  I have to be honest.  I don't even have an excuse this time.  Not even a quietly whiny "but I've been buuuuusy" to utter about my lack of effort.  Just a bunch of lameness.  Does that count as an excuse?  *sigh*  I know.  It doesn't.

SO, I'm going to make a pledge.  I'm starting over.  I'm going to bring the stuff from my class at work home, and I'm going to look over it again.  I'm going to go through it, refresh my memory, and get determined again.  And I'm going to kick some ass.  I'm going to beat the 'ol Battle of the Bulge.  I have to.

I don't think that, at this point, there's any denying that another day at this weight is detrimental to my health.  I have suspicions about things like PCOS and fears of diabetes.  I worry about my thyroid, and wonder if it's to blame for my lagging energy levels and inability to lose the weight.  Or, is that diabetes?  The point is, I'm worried that, if I don't do something soon to lose it all, I might just lose it all.  The fear of not being able to have kids, or not being healthy enough to stay with them as long as I can is petrifying.  It's so scary that I would just rather not deal with it at all than have to be so disappointed at getting some answers.

But answers I will get.  I finally made the appointment with a doc that I've been promising to make for months.  September 12.  Remember that date.  Not that I'm going to need a reminder or anything.  I just want to make sure I'm reminded to write about what I find out.

In other news, sister has picked out not only a wedding dress (she looks so stunning - makes me WAY more jealous than I ever was before of her svelte little self!!), but has also nailed down the bridesmaid look as well. EEK!  That means it exists.  That means that I have to worry about buying one, and panic about size.  I am, however, going to hold off buying that puppy until I absolutely can't wait any longer.  The good news about MY gig as (barf) Matron of Honor (she calls it "Sister of Honor," which I appreciate greatly.  Matrons are old.  I am NOT old.) is that the Wonderful Tess is encouraging of me wearing a different dress than the rest of the girls.  So if worse comes to worst, I can always get a similar or another dress if she's down.

Either way, this is going to happen.  I WILL be at least a two dress sizes smaller than I am now.  That's 8 months.  I think I can do it.  It's going to take a lot of hard work, and I'm going to need some serious encouragement and love from what I've told myself is my cyber cheering squad.  :)

Also, I'm going to try to take a pic every week or so from here on out to have a way to document my progress.  I'm trying to get a pic from my girl Kavitha's birthday party downloaded, but the Facepage isn't playing nice right now.  I'll update this baby boy later, once I'm able to do that.

OH, and one more thing!  I'm going to post a little sumpthin' about posting comments and such.  Sounds like there's a known problem with Internet Explorer and Google Blogger (I'm writing this post on Google's internet browser, Chrome, right now...trying to see if that helps the sitch any.  I'm fairly certain it will.  I heart me some Google.  :)  Let me know how it works out, if you follow the steps!

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