I know. So "Cathy."

Rode the bike again. Clearly forgot how friggin' hard it is between the end of the workout yesterday and deciding to give it a go again today. Wanted to just lay down in a ditch about 3 minutes in (JR Lauer moment: JUST. LEAVE. ME!). I made it about 20 before giving up. I'll quickly add that my Runkeeper app was acting up and that was also frustrating me to quit. I made it about a mile longer than I wanted to be on that devil's instrument. I could barely get up the little incline of my driveway. I almost fell going down the deck stairs to the garden. My legs = shot.

The point of all this whining is this: working out is HARD! It takes a lot of effort. And it sucks. But if I want to be in that size 10 - 16 (I'm not totally set on a number just yet - I'd like to be a little more realistic before I disappoint myself...) dress for Tessa's wedding, I'm gonna have to learn to suck it up!

And remember to maybe take a day in between the same cardiovascular workouts...give myself a day to recover a little. So, after dinner, I'm going to burn some calories using my resistance bands and cleaning the house.

Sure beats Little Caesar's AND sitting on Pinterest all night! :)


  1. You Go Girl! Enjoy the rewards for all your hard work! You deserve it and keep me inspired!! - :) Ellen!

  2. Heart you, Auntie E! I love that you're my sole fan. ha.