Seriously.  I gotta get better at this.  :)  I'm really good at being late with posting.  It probably has to do with the fact that there aren't any earth-shattering differences here.  Meh.  Scale's still creeping down.  That's a good thing, yeah?  Yeah.
Without the ado that's further, the list of Grateful

  • With Father's Day this past weekend, I'm VERY grateful for the guys in my life.  I've got a pretty great dad.  He's a busy man, with the farmering and all, but he's always there for us.  As much as I adore my mom, I like that I take a lot after my dad too.  I mean, I could do without the iffy genetics I get from his side- thanks for the belly fat, daddy-o!  ha.  I think I get my easy-going attitude and KNOW I get my ability to sit still from The Man, The Myth, The Legend:  Mike.  Heart you dad.
  • Next:  Grandpas.  I love mine.  I have only one memory of the one, but it was full of rainbows and unicorns.  Or, a hug and a big green Lazyboy recliner.  Either way, it's what I've got and I love it.  Grandpa #2:  That guy's pretty great too.  Hardworking, hard playing, and drinks Jack on the rocks.  Always with the hugs and the smiles.  And great eyebrows.  What more can you ask for?!  :)
  • And then there's my newest dad.  My Papa-in-law.  I really like that guy.  I see a lot of my husband in him, and I definitely don't mind that.  He's smart and generous, and has a great heart.  He's a pretty knowledible, and can talk for ages about his areas of expertise.  I say all the time (three times on this blog I think...) that I scratched the winning ticket in the in-law lotto.  And I mean it.
  • Last but not least, the newest dads:  my pseudo-brother first.  His little girl K is just over a year now (WHERE did that year go?!), and it's crazy to see the transformation in him because of that little girl.  Being a dad is a great thing, and I see it in him every time I see him.
  • And, for its world-wide-web (non-FB) debut:  my brother.  I don't see or talk with him nearly enough, and I know that in about 5 months (!!!), his time is going to be even more limited.  But, I'm just so stinkin' excited for him, and can't wait till I get to see the changes in him that I see in K's poppa.  PS - expect a frequent sleeper in that guest room that ain't Mom.  :)
  • Summer TV programming.  Yeah, I know.  Lame.  Being grateful for TV.  The thing is, though, that there are fewer shows on in the summer.  Which means that, even though I'm still watching TV (while I type, as a matter of fact...), there are fewer shows.  I dig that.  More sunlight + more opportunities to get my hubby out the door + still being able to watch shows I like = WINNING!  ha.

I was going to post a current pic (perhaps one of me in my fancy new Sears pants), but that's not gonna happen.  Jess didn't get any good pics of me from our recent Shenanigans Night.  BUMMER.  Next time.  Next time.

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