Gratitude post!

Monday, Monday, Monday!  :)

This one's going to be short and sweet, cause it's late and I'm tired.  Work, working out, and dinner has me up later than I want to be, and I'm ready for bed...

  • Being on the 3rd floor!  We changed floors at work, and I love having to go up two flights of stairs every morning again.  I can't wait until there is absolutely no huffing at all when I get to my desk.  It's not so bad just yet, but it can definitely be better.  I can't wait till that happens!
  • Exclamation points.  Sheesh.  Lay off the adreneline...
  • Beautiful days.  We've been spending a lot of time on our deck lately.  Tonight, when I got back from walking the dog, I lounged on the deck.  LOVE IT.  We spent a lot of time out there this past weekend too.  I want to have a deck party out there (once we've given it the reinforcements it needs...).  It's also gorgeous enough to walk the dog for a little longer than we would be able to when it gets really hot.  It's also nice and light out well past when I finally come staggering home from work lately.  LOVE summer.  *sigh*  I'm already depressed thinking about the end of summer
  • Magazines.  I love them.  I love going through them when they're some 6+ months old and pulling out all the articles and recipes and little snippets that grab me.  I'd like to use my SUBSTANTIAL collection of pull-outs to create a great mood board or pin board with all the collections.
  • Not to get too down-ish, but I'm grateful to have a job.  I know the economy still isn't doing well, so I think that it's important to take a sec to be grateful for having a job.  It may be frustrating at times or hard or irritating, but I'm still grateful for every day I pull up to that beautiful building and start another day.
  • On that same type of note, I'm grateful to be married to the Hubbs.  We just celebrated five years, and it makes me think even more how lucky I am to be married to a person that I not only love, but actually like too.  Knowing that 50% of marriages end in divorce, it just makes me more determined to make sure we end up in the good part of that percentage.  I still don't believe that marriage is hard work, but I'm willing to make sure that I always try to show how much I love him as much as I want him to show me how much he loves me.  I'm just lucky to have the fella that makes me so happy every day.  He's a good kid, and I'm happy to hold onto him.

I think that, with that, I'll stop.  I'm ready for bed!!

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