Whoa. Hey.

Hi there.  I...I know I haven't called.  I haven't written.  I've been...it's been busy.  There have been......you know, things.  Don't look at me that way.  No, come on.  It's not like that!  It's just...I have other priorities, things that I have to do...

Le sigh.  I'm also mostly full of it.  I've just been totally forgetting to write.  I don't know.  Maybe it's because the weight hasn't been just dripping off of me (GOD that grosses me out - makes me think of just something horrific like fat rolling off the drip tray of the Foreman grill.  NAST)?  I'm kinda bummed about it, and I'm guessing that's showing in my lack of posting.  My utter lack of posting.  Okay.  So, five days isn't HUGE in terms of blogging (I'm looking at YOU, Lauer),  But still.  It's still way too long.

I'm trying to think of things other than walking the dog at night to actually keep my attention - in terms of exercise and activity.  Anyone got ideas?  I know I've espoused the benefits of things like Jillian's DVD or the Kettleball workout that I have (have I gushed about that thing yet???), but those don't always hold my attention.  And, as proud as I was of myself for running that one time, I just...........it's not interesting.  Maybe I need to seriously consider getting a membership to the Y for their classes?  I don't know.  I gotta think of something to keep my attention, so I keep working out.  Until that happens, I don't think this weight is going to come off like I want (and need!!!) it to.

Anyone have something that'll work?  What works for you guys?  I NEED SOMETHING!


  1. I have been having a hard time too. I'm bored with what I have been doing now too. But then I put on my clothes for the day and I feel the same "bloated" or that stupid tummy looks like I'm pregnant. Ugh! Then the next day I do a double workout... Doesn't help my allergies have gone nuts now! Sneezing and not being able to breathe during your workouts is not fun!

  2. The whole dripping thing was a bit nast. Try the ball workout. Once I find my blank cd's I'll burn you the ball workout I do and send it. Just because you may have hit a bit of a plateau doesn't mean that you're done for good! Keep sticking to your menu plan and work back up to the fun of working out! I'm confident in you and you can totally rock this.
    Good to have you posting again :)

  3. Aw, JP. I think maybe we just need hobbies. :) Maybe that'll help working out be something more entertaining? I'm hoping that the bike will be that for me, once it's stinkin' warm enough to be able to taker 'er out for her first spin. (just gotta get your brother one!!)
    And seester, get on finding those blank CDs!! The more workouts, the better.