Weekly Gratitude!

Holy cats.  Another week, come and gone.  And thus, another Gratitude!
  • Dilbert cartoons.  Scott Adams just gets me.
  • My in-laws.  YES, I know I mentioned them a couple of weeks ago, but I gotta do it again.  We had lunch with them yesterday, and I'm just so proud of them and amazed by them.  Their weight-loss has been an incredible inspiration.  You guys are kicking butt!!!  Keep it up.  :)
  • Some of the people I work with.  I talk on the phone to folks all day long in my job.  Every once and a while, you speak with someone who is just pure gold.  They make you smile and are just the sweetest people.  I had one of those today.  It definitely made my morning - maybe even my whole day.  Thanks!
  • That the work program is coming back!!!  Starting April 6, I'll be taking the Part I of the program.  Little backwards, I know, but I'm so excited to go through this part of it.  From what I've gathered, it's all about learning how to eat - how to look at the labels on your food and all that.  Super excited!
  • Fish sticks.  Yeah, I know that they're not so great for you (mostly breading and all that), but I'm eating fish.  It's a step in the right direction, right?  ha.
  • Sally Hansen nail care items.  I've got stellar fingernails now.  I was a HORRIBLE nail-biter when I was younger.  Pretty much up until about 7 years ago when I met Mr. P.  Horrible.  Nails chomped down to the quick.  Painful stuff.  Thanks to the calming effect of my hubby dear (I know.  Puke.) and Sally H, I've got awesome nails.
  • My work to lose the extra lbs has paid off at least a little.  As I sit here, my wedding and engagement rings are sitting on the arm of the chair next to me. Wait.  Maybe I should be grateful for the extreme cold in the basement.  Maybe that's why the rings are off.  Meh.  Either way.  My rings are off!
I think that's good for now.  I'm trying not to keep this gratitude thing too deep.  Mostly, I like to think of myself as the kind of girl who appreciates the small things in life - so those are the things I'm most grateful for.  Some of it might be a little deeper, but I like the little things.

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