Square One

I feel like I'm regressing here.

I thought I was doing really well with the whole working out thing, but lately I feel like it's backwards.  I got through 11 minutes of the Jillian DVD tonight.  11. Minutes.  I'm just a little cranky about it.  How long ago was it that I did most of the thing?!  Yeah.  Not cool.

Maybe I'm making excuses, but I actually worked it.  I genuinely tried all of the moves.  I tried them as hard as I could.  And it sucked.  Sucked hard.  For most of the moves, I couldn't complete them just as Jillian and Co. could.  Not even the "easy moves" chick.  Kind of embarrassing, if we can all be honest with each other.  And, this blog is honest, if nothing else.  (that's where I would put my "wry face" emoticon, if it existed)  It just sucked.

After I was done with my 11 minutes of humiliation, I thought to myself, "Self?  Let's just get our sad ass on the elliptical.  Perhaps that will make us feel better."  Self laughed in my face and said, "No.  Not happening."  I got on that baby, and couldn't go for more than a couple of minutes.  Defeated, I slunked to the living room and got my Stargate Universe on.

I don't know what the deal is, I really don't.  I'm just massively fatigued.  My little muscles just can't seem to burn the fuel properly to keep themselves going.  I'm going to ride it out for another week or two, and kind of go from there.  I'm bummed about the thought of maybe needing some medical intervention for whatever this is, but if that's what it takes, that's what it takes.

Wow.  Weak post.  :)  Theme = boo hoo.  ha.

Sorry about that, man.

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