Heartburn city!

  • Pizza, like, fourteen times last week
  • Not enough veggies!
  • Coca Cola Classic.  Both my savior and my nemesis.
  • Not enough milk!
  • Not enough sour cream in my chili for lunch (ha!  Gotcha!  Seriously, though...)
  • The wrong kinds of carbs - white processed instead of whole wheats.
  • Not working out.  I swear that there's no scientific proof of this (I mean, maybe there is, I'm not going to research it right now), but working out makes me feel so much better in a million ways - I think that it helps my process all the gross and yuck and get it out of my system faster.
  • Stressing about Cosmo the Wonder Dog.  I think he's depressed because he's stir crazy...he worries me sometimes.  I need kids (quiet, Moms.  Sisters.  Dad.).
Good thing I'm going to eat just a whole head of lettuce and some milk for dinner.  And then work out for a couple of hours.  I gotta shake this off.

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