Tonight's workout mix was brought to you by...


It is as follows:
  1. Diplo & Don Diablo "Make You Pop"
  2. Whitney Houstin "I Will Always Love You"
  3. Shaggy ft. Sean Paul  "Hey Sexy Lady"
  4. Billy Mack "Christmas is All Around"
  5. All-American Rejects  "Swing Swing"
  6. Bon Jovi "Livin' on a Prayer"
  7. NSYNC "Everything I Own" (personal favorite NSYNC song EVER - especially the Boyz II Men-esque interlude..."You know baby?  My love for you will always be true.  Cause there's no me without you"  HA!)
  8. Tom Petty "Free Fallin'"
I don't know what Droid was thinking, but I'll take it.  Kept me rockin' for over half an hour.

Completely off topic, but I would like you to note a few things about this pic:  J Timberlake is roughly 8, Joey Fatone is super skinny, Lance looks like Ellen, Chris is wearing a sweater-vest with no shirt underneath, and Russell Crowe rocked the Roman hair way better than you, JC.  GOD, I love NSYNC.


  1. I love me some N'sync!! I can't get over the fact that Joey Fatone's last name is FAT ONE and he is now fat...

  2. I know, right?! It just seems kind of...cruel. ha. I wish NKOTB were touring with NSYNC. I would pay HUGE money to see that. NOT BSB. Wait. When did I turn into a 14-year-old girl again!?

  3. I don't know....there is something about the song "the Call" by BSB...turn it on around Tiff and I and you have yourself an instant dance party!

  4. I must now download Christmas is all around again! I already have all the 90s boy bands covered!!

  5. Yes, you must. I love that song. Sure, it's not *exactly* a workout song, but it did the trick for me!