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I've had a strange appetite lately.  Like, it's both there and it isn't.  I'm not a fan of it.  Part of that seems to be a lack of any real interest in food.  Most meals, when it comes to thinking about what I want to eat, there isn't anything that sticks out.  Enter in the less healthy options.  But, that's another post.

Today for lunch I (again) didn't know exactly what I wanted, so I went to our caf at work.  I decided on the trek up the flight of stairs that I didn't care what else I wanted, but I wanted cottage cheese.  Random.  So, I went with a salad.  Got all my greens in there, the cottage cheese, and grabbed a dressing packet.  Let it be known that I DO NOT eat low fat or fat free dressing.  What's the point???  I'm having a frickin' salad.  It's, like, 100 calories.  Another 70 from the full-fat Ranch won't kill me.

What WILL kill me is that dressing packet.  I took a gander at the nutrition info on it and actually gasped out loud.  The packets are 1.5 ounce packets.  There are 250 calories in that packet.  The nutritional information says that packet is ONE SERVING.  Let the record show that I'm not huge on salad dressing.  I actually enjoy the different tastes of the veggies.  My serving of dressing usually sits around 1 TBSP instead of the "serving size" of 2 TBSP.  I use almost none of that dressing, and I'm really happy about that today.

Since I don't eat a ton of dressing, I had no idea what the real impact of a full serving of dressing is.  Holy Spiccoli, is the impact huge!!  I get why other people use Light or Fat-Free dressings.

PS - Unnamed dressing company, you need to make smaller packets!

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