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Bowling = exercise, baby.

Seriously.  The Peavs and I did a little VDay bowling this evening, and we got a nice little workout.  Is that lame?  Maybe.  But honestly, I'll take an hour of butt-pulling goodness over sitting on my duffer at a restaurant filling my face with fatty fat.

I burned roughly 165 calories just bowling.  Oh, and I WHOOPED Peavs.  Whooped.

See, that's the thing about hobbies and stuff - you can get a pretty neat workout with some of them.  I think I could turn bowling into a weekly fun time.  I mean, go for an hour or so (dinner not included, because Lord knows that pretzel looked AWESOME) on a Tuesday might do a million things - from blowing some calories to making some new friends, to becoming a "local" for real.

If you didn't notice it, I'm trying to find new ways to work out that don't necessarily feel like a "real" workout.  I mean, I know that walking and using the elliptical or the balance ball or whatever is a workout.  The real trick is to find things that are enjoyable but aren't "working out."  Maybe it's just 29 (EEK) years of being an anti-working-out kind of girl talking, but the idea of being an elliptical person for the rest of my life is really boring.  I don't even like committing to the same thing for lunch every day.  I imagine myself getting awfully bored and jumping ship with working out if it's the same thing EVERY day.  That's where other activities come into play.  Like bowling.  I also want to get walking with my neighbors and our dogs.  I know that's a normal kind of exercise, but walking with the neighbors and their dogs is totally different - it's not just the same walk every day.  Something new to talk about all the time.

For now, I'm going to figure out how to quit pulling my left glute when I bowl.  I gotta work on my technique.

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  1. Love bowling!!! Have considered doing a league. It would be great! Agree that exercising can be boring. I am still doing the DVD's that I got of Denise Austin. Been at it for about 4 weeks now, I think and it hasn't gotten boring yet. I like it because its a different workout every day of the week (Your Daily Dozen). Joe downloaded one for me, also. Went to work out to it yesterday.... It was from the 80's or early 90's. Kind of hilarious!!! Thinking about actually trying it out this morning, after my Daily Dozen. I do recommend Denise Austin!