So, my bestie J over at Pseudo Boricua snagged an idea from one of HER frequently-read blogs about posting a weekly gratitude list.  I like it.  I, too, shall steal it (with a little shout-out to Love, Life, Lace).

I think I’ll make them a Monday post about the previous week.  Because, let’s face it.  Mondays can often need a little extra something to keep them from sucking so much.  A nice little post about all the things I’m grateful for that week should do the trick.  Now, the other trick:  making myself start a post every week that I write things in because LORD KNOWS I have no brain for memory.

And on that note…

·         My DS Lite.  I love you and your Brain Age program.  Perhaps I should bust that puppy out more often?  Also, Super Mario Bros 2 is pretty great.
·         Glee soundtracks.  I KNOW.  Nerd.  I get it.  But, I just can’t help myself; I love listening to them.  There’s just something I love about a show that takes “Poker Face” and turns it into a poppy, sweet song.  Plus, I love Puck.  Soooo…  Where was I going with this??  OH.  Right.  On my trip from my sister’s, I listened to all four of the albums I have in their entirety, and it almost got me home (plus an HOUR LONG conversation with the hubs!!).  It reminded me of my “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” days.  The tape (yes, tape) was exactly long enough to start it when I got in the car and have it finish as I turned on the road to the farm.
·         Being able to get my wedding and engagement rings off without having to drench my hand in lotion first.  Holla!
·         Knowing my body well enough again to know exactly what crappy thing(s) I ate this weekend to be giving me this intense, irritating heartburn.  I’m looking at you, French Onion Ruffles.
·         My family.  Those guys are just so stinkin’ awesome.  We may not see each other as often as we like (it’s hard when the closest trip is around two hours), but knowing that we have each other is just about as great a gift.  On that same line, my in-laws.  I love those guys too.  I count myself as one of the lucky who adore the in-laws.  Um…I don’t think we have very good reasons for not seeing each other as often as we could.  Can we blame it on the dogs??
·         Jillian Michaels.  Yeah, she’s the devil.  But she’s helping me make it possible to tug off the rings, so she deserves some gratitude.  Just this once.
·         “Real” motivation.  Sister-mine is getting married next April (MAJOR SQUEAL!!!!).  I am the Sister of Honor (I REFUSE to call myself the “Matron” of Honor, as I am not an old lady).  I thusly need to squeeze into a cute little dress.  I will NOT be in another wedding as a fat person.  I’ve done it four-ish times already, and that’s plenty for me.

I think that’s enough for the first round.  There’s a lot more than these listed that I could go into, but I’ll go ahead and stop there.  Don’t want to jump out the gate too quickly and end up a loser!


  1. PV held a convo for an hour straight?! was Sailor Jerry involved...? just curious :)

  2. LOVE this post!! When you started it did you think you would have trouble finding things to be grateful for and then they just kind of wrote themselves? BTW, I totally hear you about the wedding deal...I have a wedding I am in in September and I also REFUSE to be fat in another wedding (siiiiick of it)! WHOO HOO!

  3. Good post seester! Also, as my body is now telling me, it was not just the French Onion Ruffles. Oh if only they were the sole culprit. You're pretty awesome yourself, (le-awesome even) and you're welcome for the motivation :)

  4. Hahaha! No, Sailor wasn't involved...this time.

    I was kind of wondering what I would put in there for the grateful stuff at first. I didn't know what kind of stuff would come out of my fingers. As I was typing, they just kept on coming! It's kind of nice to think about all the things that I'm grateful for instead of whining about being chunky. :) It's nice. I love that we have the same motivating factor. Perhaps we should go into David's together and try on bridesmaids dresses to see who cries first? ha.

    (I'm totally le-awesome, T!)

  5. Well I can say I am very grateful to have you as a sister (in-law). We really do need to get together more often... and Yeah I think it could be partly because the dogs. If Cosmo knew Grimace was not trying to be mean, he's just dumb and its his way of trying to be friends... need more socializing!