The Biggest Loser!!!!

Guess what, cats and kittens???  The Biggest Loser is holding auditions at the MOA!!

I'm honestly considering thinking about the possibility of convincing myself to go.  Just for S and Gs.  And because I could win the shit out of that contest.

Coworker A is a huge fan of the show, and pointed it out to me today at work.  It's kind of intriguing to me, in that I think I could genuinely have a fair shot at totally winning it.  I just don't know if the weight requirement would be conducive to me winning (I would be plenty skinnier than I want to be...).  And seriously - why would I even CONSIDER spending weeks on TV in a sports bra and Spandex if I weren't going to completely win the thing?!

Right now, I'm trying to connive ways to demand that I get to wear a muu muu for the whole show - until the end, when they're handing me a huge $250k check in my hot pink catsuit - so as not to damage my pride *too* much.  The idea of the entire world seeing A) how much I weigh, B) what I look like pretty much in my Birthdays thanks to the aforementioned classy bra and Spandex combination platter, and C) having that information out there for all of eternity actually makes my stomach hurt.  I don't know if I could convince myself that it was worth it, even if I won the thing.  Especially because it's being used as entertainment for other people.  I can just hear A saying that it's inspiring and that she loves seeing the transformations of the contestants.  ha.  But to me, that's pretty embarrassing stuff.

I don't know what I think just yet.  I'm warming up to the possibility of just going, just to see what happens.  I can always say no at the second call-backs right?

Any thoughts on this one???


  1. Holmes, you totes could win. Think of all the shoes and closet organizers you could get with that $$! You could always say no to the second call backs.

  2. I'm considering the possibilities...it makes me nervous and maybe a little depressed to think that I *could* possibly have a reason to go on the show. Update this weekend on whether or not I'm a chicken!

  3. Scary but very intriguing. I really do feel like the whole spandex and sports bra is a miserable humiliation.2% of all humanity actually looks good dressed like that.But perhaps they do it for extra incentive? Update will be interesting.

  4. You should do it!! Face the nervousness! Even I would be nervous in that nothingness they have them wear for weigh in, but you would rock!

  5. Still on the fence...probably leaning towards "no." I doubt they would tolerate a dopey little newbie making demands on how they do things. ha.