Good Lord, is it just me????

I can't seem to get myself back into the habit of working out.  I was really good at it for a few weeks in there, but then I just sort of...stopped.  Now, it's hard to get back into it.

Tonight, I took Cosmo the WonderDog (who, by the way, has lost about .8 pounds in the last 5 weeks!  That's kinda huge for a dog - we're proud of him!) for a walk.  It was roughly a mile or so.  Forgot to turn my Runkeeper on.  Whoops.  Anyway.  We went for a walk tonight, and I was feeling pretty awesome, so I decided to keep the momentum going.  I thought "hey.  Let's try that new balance ball workout we got."

Ummmmmmm.  Yeah.  I suck at the balance ball.  Hard.

I don't appear to have the skills at this point in my life to balance on the ball while pulling around on a giant rubberband.  I mean, I run into walls when I walk.  In tennies.  Sober.  I guess that *kind of* explains why it's a little diffiult to balance on a ball that's supposed to hold my weight (but, frankly, I find that difficult to trust- based on the fact that it's a rubber ball and I'm a big lady...) while I do exercise moves.

As I sit here typing this, though, I notice that my legs are feeling fatigue-y.  Hmmm.  It's definitely the 'ol inner thigh area.  My legs feel like a set of stems that have done more than just walk the dog.  And my shoulders are sore in a good way too.  Arms are nice and solid.  I like it.  So maybe, despite my total inability to actually balance on the ball, I've done some work.  I DOUBLE like that.

Here's to getting back into the groove and keeping it going.

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  1. You can totally get back into it!! And trust the balance ball...it actually doesn't hurt to fall off of it because it's a nice, slow roll down :) And it's surprising to actually get a work-out even when you feel like you're doing it wrong :)