This is a Snackadium:

Well, I guess I should say that it's a VERSION of the Snackadium that the website "This is Why You're Fat" published on their site (warning:  don't go onto that website if you're concerned about being grossed out.  Some of the pieces of "food artistry" on there are pretty icky - for lack of better terminology...).  We made this bad boy for my birthday party a bit back.  Note the "B" in the center - clearly, that's my team logo.  Also, you can't really see it in this shot, but the endzones have "G" and "L" for "Green Bay" and "Losers" - the game was being played on my birthday (and, as I'm sure you know they WON).

Anyway.  This post isn't necessarily about this particular dish of awesome, so much as about party food in general.

In two weeks, GBP will be taking on the Who Cares; They're Gonna Lose at the Super Bowl.  Super Bowl parties are always a great place to have a good time with friends, watching the commercials (they'd better be better this year than in previous years...), and - you guessed it - snacking.

All the wight loss gurus will tell you the obvious:  eat before you come, chew gum, avoid the creamy foods, don't drink your calories, don't hover near the buffet.

Blah, blah, blah.

Don't get me wrong - those are all great nuggets.  They're just not always viable options.  Because come on.  Avoid the creamy foods?!  What ARE the creamy foods:  Artichoke dip?  Check.  Cheese-chili deliousness dip (we call it "Bastard Dip")?  Check.  Buffalo Chicken dip?  Check.  Dang, now I'm hungry.  The point is, you're often hard-pressed to find healthy alternatives to the dips and foods that are presented at these kinds of get-togethers.  PLUS, I don't know about you, but I love the hell out of all those dips.  Why should I have to avoid them just because I have a Tommy Boy-esque "weight problem"?

SO, here's MY favorite option.  Bring Droid.

The fabulous thing about having a smart phone like my Droid is that I can scamper over to allrecipes.com and, even if I don't know exactly what the dish-bringer put into it, I can get a pretty dang good idea.  A lot of recipes on that site have nutritional information, which helps me make more informed decisions about the kinds of creamy dips I'm shoving down my throat.  If I can get a general idea about how many calories I'm possibly taking in, it helps me to think a little bit more about whether or not it's REALLY worth it.  OR, if I can take less than the serving size of a higher calorie-and-fat dish.  Because, if I'm honest with myself in this little "gettin' skinny" venture, I can admit that I am willing to change much about my eating habits, but am NOT willing to completely restrict things that are less-than-perfectly-healthy.  That's a diet, not (as They say) a life change.

Also, I'll probably bring a veggie tray.  :)


  1. You mean when you come to my house for the game you'll bring veggies? Great! Thanks, you're swell. :)

  2. That dish looks A-MAZING! And I am right there with you when not depriving yourself of the good things out there...leads to sabotage

  3. It CAN lead to sabotage. :) Take a little scoop, walk away. The only problem is that most of the time I host something, or with my family, the table/buffet/kitchen is always the center of everything. I need to figure out a way to make that kitchen feel like a leper and keep people away from it!