Interesting figure I saw today...


Kids, I tell you what.  I was putting my hair up for my workout (kicking ass and taking names, in case you wondered...) when I glanced in the mirror.  I mean, at more than just me putting my hair up.

There's this strange thing that's showing up...I'm sort of getting a bit of a waist.  I mean, it's nothing to write about really, but for me (who's always been round) the idea of having something of a defined waist is fantastic.  These little love handles are slowly working their way off, and that's neat.  Makes it kinda worthwhile to keep eating healthfully and drag my developing booty onto that elliptical for some calorie burning.

Looking forward to the day when I can wear, you know, stuff that's made for people with actual waistlines.  I'm looking at you, adorable black dress that lives in my closet because nothing's hotter than looking like you've shoved several stuffed animals (probably bears, hippos, and dragons) into your dress.  Ooooo-wee!  Hott mama here.  ha.  ANYWAY.

For now, I'm going to pat myself on the back about this because just noticing that my lump-lumps are shifting is kind of fantastic.  A big boost.

Also, my butt is sore.  STRANGE.  But I like it.


  1. I'm not sure if I'm welcome or not in this forum, being a male, and an in-law at that. But I had to write that your blog about the difficult journey you are undertaking puts a smile on my face, especially how the positive results you've experienced so far seem to have had an uplifting effect on you. Having begun this same journey last summer, I recognize many of the same feelings and attitudes you write about. I saw your wish list of things you hoped weight loss would allow you to do and it made me think of the "Goals" Word file you set up for Donna and I when we began our diet. I did take the time then to list my short term and long term goals with the faint hope that I'd acheive at least some of them. Well, somehow, preserverance I guess, I've acheived all of my short term goals, and a few of the long term goals. So stick with it, be patient, and good things will continue to happen.

  2. Yay Papa Bob!!!! SO incredibly proud of both of you. You guys are little inspirations for me (and I keep hoping that son of yours...), and I love that you've hit your short term goals. That's so amazing!

    Maybe THIS summer, we'll all be able to dance around in our skinny clothes like a family of nutters! :) (PS - of COURSE you're welcome here! Male AND family. I'm sure it'll be great to have a fella's perspective from time to time! Make me a more versitle blog and all. ha.)

  3. Weeeew!!! Go Bek!! And just so you know, I did find that app on my phone and got started on it right away. Now to know the portions of everything.... And I LOVE that Dad wrote on here!