This article bugs me.

A lot.

The article is a Web MD article about "melting belly fat."  Here's the link.

So, why does it bug me?  Because it COMPLETELY disregards the "apple" shape that many woman have (including this one, obviously...).  Unless I'm a menopausal woman, my fat accumulates in my hips, bum, and thighs?  Seriously?  I hope this person isn't an actual doctor.  If I look at this article just as it is, if I were a hypochondriac, I would probably start to worry about many things:  am I peri-menopausal??  Do I have an estrogren-level problem that results in my extra weight accumulating in my gut??  If I DO, does that mean that I'm going to have baby-having trouble when I get to that point????  Am I completely abnormal because of how my fat accumulates?

I think one thing that makes this article more troubling to me is the fact that it was sent out in a weekly newsletter I get from WebMD about weight loss.  How many other apple-shaped women are reading this article and worrying?

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