My sweet Skinny B is allowing me to post on her blog as well, as a way to keep us all encouraged! I won't pretend to be nearly as funny as Bex, but I will try and have my own moments!

Bex knows my love of the cooking, all things eating, and more than anything.....Bacon. Before I entered my current relationship with M, I was a bacon bystander. I loved a good BLT. Eggs with Bacon for breakfast - yum! I did a 6 month stint with the South Beach Diet in 03' and ate the shit out of some bacon. M has brought that love to a whole new level.

Now, this link is not healthy. It is crushingly bad for you. I bring you, The Bacon Explosion.

I had to create a Facebook photo album, titled, M& Bacon. As I work on my blogging skills, I'll figure out how to put the pictures in here...but FB friends can follow this link.
To top it off, we added a cream Gorgonzola Sauce. It.Was.Amazing. I fell in love with M and Bacon just a little bit more that day. However, the next day - Bacon Hangover. It can happen folks and it did. I couldn't get enough water and felt ooky all day. This was not a two person meal. Hell, I don't think it's a 40 person meal....

SOOOOO....Bex was sweet enough a year or so ago to get me a subscription to Eating Well, which has become part of my go to place to try and make better food with less Bacon Hangover.

A few issues ago, one of the gals wrote about going to MN and having Hot Dish. As we love our Hot Dish - both here and in WI - I knew this article was for me. M & I made the remake of the Tater Tot Hot Dish last week.

Folks, it was great! A bit of work - as you don't make a butter roux for thickening. Also, we added mushrooms. I would suggest that you caramelize the onions, add real garlic, and the mushrooms all at the start, before you add the ground beef. M did a stint as an Applebee's trainer in the kitchen and explained that this keeps the ground beef from sucking the life out of those flavors and lets them shine. Also, don't skimp on the Worcestershire! It makes a lot - he took some home, I took some to work and also found it was delicious for breakfast, with an egg on top. Most importantly - M loved it! AND THERE WAS NO BACON IN IT!

So, without further ado - Broccoli, Beef and Potato Hot Dish, courtesy of Eating Well, tested in the kitchen of Jill and M.



  1. I can see that I think I did the links wrong, so excuse the copy and paste. I will get that right next time!

  2. (Ta-daaaa!! Through the mystical powers that come with being the blog owner, I fixed!)

    Also, I maintain that the Bacon Explosion is the most frightful meaty mess I've ever seen. The bacon lattice looks unbelievable though. Perhaps to coat a turkey? You know, to keep the juices in and all...

    Thanks for the recipe!

  3. I can say that anyone who uses the phrase "..and ate the shit out of some bacon" is totally awesome in my book! Love this and that dish looks absolutely AMAZING!!!