La musica!

Take heed, I'm a lyrical poet.

Not really - I'm a terrible writer, actually. But, I AM a big fan of music. So much so, that I really think it's a huge part of workout success. When I'm listening to a song and I really get into it, the 3.5-ish minutes it takes to finish can be such an awesome distraction. One might even say they help to distract from the fact that your leg seems to have stopped working and you're breathing like a rhinoceros running the mile.

I'm constantly downloading songs. My husband thanks you, combined efforts of Soundhound and Amazon MP3, for bankrupting us $.99 at a time. Ha. When I hear a great song, I have to have it. My library is crazy varied. Electronica, country, rock, hip-hop, even some Country and Western ("Rhinestone Cowboy," you know I'm lookin at you). It's all in there.

And playlists. Ohhhhh, the playlists. I have one for everything. I think it's a leftover side effect from our days of CD burning. And I love it.

The playlist that is applicable to this thread is great. I call it "WORK IT." It's full of upbeat-tempo songs to help power me through the sweat sessions.

I decided today that one of the absolute best tunes out there for working out is "Kick Ass (We are Young)" from the Kick Ass soundtrack by Mika. It has plateaus and really upbeat sections. It's perfect for interval training. Fast walk during the slower parts, sprint during the faster. It's infectious and really gets my chubby buns moving. I love it.

I guess all these words to say "download it." You can thank me later.


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