Well. Hello, Jell-o!!!

Mostly, that's me talking to my post-baby gut. :) But also to anyone who may still be reading the 'ol blog.

Quick set of stats to catch my reader up. Baby was born on 10.10. Go, team! I gained about 30lbs during my pregnancy. I walked out the door of the hospital at least 7lbs lighter. :) At my 6-week postpartum visit, I was 7lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. Holla! NOW, I'm 5 months down and somehow almost 20lbs up. W.T.F.

My seester and I agreed that I have 6 months after having Lil to lose the baby weight before I'm a Big Fat Fatty. Shit. I have 30 days to lose 20lbs.

We have a challenge, folks.

Before you get all bent out of shape, I'm joking. Only because I'm breastfeeding and I need those calories, baby! BUT, I've decided that I need to be down to my pre-pregnancy weight by the time Lil is 9 months. It took 9 to put the lbs on; I should get 9 to kick' em off.

As my least favorite character in my least favorite Batman movie said, "let the games begin." And I hope you read that in Bane's obnoxious voice. I know I typed it that way...

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